Episode 6

finally, she lifted the cup of drink. As she was about to take it her phone rang and she dropped the cup to pick the call.

I was beginning to think Susan was difficult to lure. She got the vim and even luck to resist me from the plan B. I over heard her taking to my sis on the phone.
As she ended the call she quickly asked to leave.

I was a bit shaking. I didn’t know how to persuade her to take the drink.

I told her to wait for me to take a shower so I can drop her to in the house which she agreed.

I rushed to the washroom and just put some water on my body even though I just had a bath shortly before she arrived. I was praying seriously that Susan would atleast take just a cup of the drink so that even if she does not feel sleepy she might have feel honey.

4 minutes later I was back to the room.

Fortunately for me she had already finished with the first cup of drink and still pouring in more.

Susan: this drink taste so good. Is it a new brand of Don simon.

Me: am not sure my self. I think they just add some little flavour to it.

Susan: please be fast. I need to go now.

I could see Susan rolling her left hand under her dress. She took it out immediately she realized I staring at her.

Susan: please I want to leave.

Me: am almost done.

I intentionally turned back to face her. I was only in a singlet and my short boxer. My d–k was already in a searching mood just like a Bluetooth device searching for another device to pair.

I made a step to her, held her hands and lifted her up from the chair.

I started kissing her. She cried out softly that I leave her but she could not resist herself. The romance I gave her was too great that she finally felt to give in.

I was in a hurry to take of her dress.
I removed her bra later and started squeezing her b—-t for some milk with my mouth.

I was really honey.

I felt like stepping on some ice. Susan’s eyes were closed. I could noticed she was feeling dizzy.

Susan: please Albert did you put some stuffs in the drink.

Me: no dear. How can I do such a thing.

I knew she never believed what I said. I was only praying she doesn’t ruin my feelings.

Few minutes later I held her underwear and drop it down. Susan sat on the chair. Her metallic three pair blinking beads even made my pen drive (penis) to copy more feelings into me. I lifted her up from the chair again. Held her waist to drop her pant. I was able to drop it to her kneel level but she held tight her pant telling she can’t do that.

I started kissing her again. Susan was really honey. I turned back to drop her pant. I noticed it was almost wet.

This time she never stopped me.
Ones I did that I realized the big match was about to start.

I la!d her on the bed. Started playing with her boobs. I was surprised Susan was not sleeping though I could see she felt very dizzy.

I dashed out for her p—y and started with a little fingering. She was just mimicking the voice-tone of p–n stars (yea…ohh yes..nice…lick me please).

I pushed back, down the bed till my head was at her p—y level. I smoothly spread my tongue on her c——s. This time she was going crazy. I did that just to make her extra honey. She held me by the shoulder and tried pushing me on top of her. I knew she was now ready.

She reached out for d–k and inserted it into her p—y. She was springing her waist to enjoy my full thin but long d–k
I started the push ups myself. She was really happy with my vigor.

I turned her over to do the “first gate style”. That was a little difficult for her cos of my long d–k.



Susan: ohhh God…like father like son.
While I was busy f—–g Susan fell asleep.
I turned her back for the normal ‘missionary’ style. She was like dead but I still enjoyed it. Just 7 minutes after that I come.


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