Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 29

I was short of words to push further so I left the room.

As I was on my way to the living room, I heard voices from my parent’s bedroom. so I leaned on the door to hear what they were saying but I couldn’t get the clue but it seems Aunty Funke is in the room with them.

I don’t need any soothsayer to tell me they were discussing about Aunty Funke’s pregnancy.

in my mind I know I’m doomed already because I don’t know any possible way to defend myself.

I was still standing at the door when I suddenly heard my Dad said ‘Go and call that boy for me’

I know it was me so I quickly ran out of the house to the backyard. After about 20 mins if search my phone rang it was my Dad so I picked.

Me: Hello….

Dad: Come back now (hang up)

I have no choice than to go back inside. After so much lash of words, my father Told Aunty Funke To also pack into my room.

But thus time I was lucky because my mum didn’t buy the idea so she pleaded on my behalf to let Aunty Funke retain her room..

I was a bit relieve bcos I don’t know how it will look like having two pregnant ladies in one room.

After about 40 mins if discussion, I went back to my room I could not find Timi. I was over worried until I heard the sound of a running shower. then I assume that she’s there in the bathroom.

I sat on my bed immediately I sat, I felt that urge to join her in the bathroom but I didn’t buy the idea after so much contemplation, I decided to go in but as I was about to turn the knob of the door, she opened it from inside. I was shocked by the words she let out immediately she saw me.

Timi: I was waiting for you since and you didn’t show up its now that you made up your mind to come join me.

Me: I just came in now so I decided to check you in here, actually I was about to knock. I defended immediately so as not to show that desperation in me.

She had only her towel on her. She went to the bed and sat. all these while I was watching her steps.

Timi: Mr please will you excuse me as you can see I want to dress up.

Me: Ooh I’m sorry I was carried away.

So I head for the door as I was about to turn it open.

Timi: Carried away looking at my b–bs right.

I just laughed and went out. Deep inside me, I don’t feel like leaving the room but I’m choiceless I have to leave.

I stood at the door for some seconds and I turned the door open with it knocking and I saw that she was completely unclad.

Timi: I know you were going to come back.

Me: I’m sorry it’s just that I’m not used to this style yet but pardon me. Immediately as I turned to take my leave she said ‘don’t worry you can stay’

Me:No don’t worry lemme leave.

Timi: I insist.

Me: okay no p.

I sat on the bed and she stood opposite backing me still unclad.

By this time I’m suffering greatly BTW my leg I feel like tearing her apart at that moment. I was lost with my view to the extent that I didn’t know when she changed position facing me.

Timi: Are you now a born again?.

I was revived by her words. I don’t know what to answer so I just smiled.

Timi: Sharp guy turn dull guy, anyways you are on your own, please come and rub this cream on my back for me.

At first I hesitated but I later changed my mind so I stood up, collected the cream and started rubbing it on her back.

Timi: Bros please be fast you are only rubbing one part, can’t you do something that will make our baby happy move downward a bit, towards the hips.

Suddenly I stopped and she queried my action instead of resuming my his I dragged her unclad body closer and I started kissing and smooching. At first I wasn’t resisted I guess she’s enjoying it also not until she forced herself out of my grip.

Timi: Stupid so you are at it again? Can’t you control that stick BTW your leg.

Me:I’m sorry its just that I can’t hold it anymore. I love you.

Timi:laughs Love! You love me but you took advantage of me and left me for my friend, how am I sure she’s not even pregnant for you.

I was sober I didn’t know how to express myself. And I don’t want to be among those that will say ‘its the devil’s handiwork’ So I stay mute.

Timi: please leave.

I left immediately. As I went out to the living room, I saw my Dad sitting there and luckily for me he didn’t see no so I turned back immediately so as to avoid stories that touch. Im not comfortable within the house and no other escape route than the living room but another obstacle is there so I left for Aunty Funke’s room to check on her. By this time it was almost six in the evening.

I knocked but no reply after the 7th knock I gave up and headed back to my room. I was just roaming about within the house not knowing the next step to take. I went into my room and met Timi crying. I pet her not to cry but it instead the tempo increased but she later stopped and I was at least relieved to some extent.

After I had calm her down, she explained how she had always love me but I never care yo know. We were still discussing when Aunty Funke came in to tell us that dinner is ready.

That’s when it occurred to me that I didn’t even have my lunch.

So Timi and I made for the Dinning room. Everyone was set except for Timi and I who were just coming. immediately my Dad cited us, he said. ‘oko iyawo meji pelu ibeji meji’ meaning the husband of two wives with two twins. by this time my heart was pounding heavily but I have no choice than to Sit down and eat. We had dinner in silence. And immediately we got back to the room, Timi attacked me

Timi: Who is the second wife you impregnated. I know you must have impregnated Agatha or am I lying?

Me: Its not Agatha its……

Timi: ooh so you are a player, you are even cheating on my friend also. So who is the third wife.

Me:its it’s its…..

Timi: Who now or when did you turn to a stammerer..

Me: Its Aunty Funke.

Timi: What!!!! What Lind of a family is this, brother impregnating sister.

Me:Aunty Funke is not my sister, she’s our housemaid.

Timi: So you are also bleeping your maid. but you told me she’s your sister!

Me: Yes because she don’t have anybody to cater for her except from my parent.

Timi: How, I don’t understand, don’t she have parents or relatives?

Me: I don’t know but she’s been living here all her life.

We had more discussion but Timi never let one minute go without talking about Agatha.

We slept peacefully like couple.



When I woke up the following morning Timi’s act surprised me.


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