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The ride home no one dates to say a word. They were still gobsmack about what happened.
They just got married.
For the whole world,their relationship is innocent and pure but in front of the goddess they were married.
They were husband and wife.
Aditya parked the car in the lot and turned to look at her.
Her face was swollen from all the crying and her eyes were all red and fluffy.
He knew this was not the right time to be admiring her but he couldn’t help himself. She was so beautiful,with that nuptial chain around her neck and the vermilion upon her forehead.
“Save it Aditya. It has been done. I…I am a married woman now,”she glared at him.
“There was nothing I can do.”
“Nothing you could have done?!”she bitterly scoffed. “You apparently can do anything! You slept with me not only once but thrice! You become my professor! You gave me the hardest of all tests! You can do anything! You even got us married! Of course you could have done something damnit!” She hollered.
“What could I have done,tell me? The sage mistook us to be a married couple! How is that my fault?!”
“Having to have met you is your fault! I wish I never met you Mr. Vadhan. My life was just perfect without you but you ruined it for me . Again! My mom is going to be furious and my dad is going to kill me!” She said stammering,fear evident on her face. “They will get to know everything. Everything.”
“Is that all you care about? Are so selfish that you only think about yourself? What about me tell me?”
“What about you? You’re a man. You can get any man you want but I am woman Aditya. A woman! You ruined my life the first time I met you! You have destroyed my life!” She cried and got out of the car slamming the car shut.
In rage Aditya got out too and pinned her against the car making her gasp in fear as she stared into his eyes.
“You….you think you can say whatever you want to say and then walk away just like that? You were there too. Why didn’t you say something huh? Instead of being bold has you have always been,you become a damsel in distress and you played a helpless woman. Hey, don’t blame me for everything. I remember very well that even you wanted that to happen between us. You’re equally at fault Sanyukta. I just regret that I started thinking of you as a better person. You’re nothing but a selfish and self sophisticated woman! Fine you don’t want this then I will do the liberty to take them off,”he grasped the nuptial chain and broke it away from her neck. The beads shattered down on the ground.
Everything happened in slow motion in front of Sanyukta’s eyes. She teary stared at him as he coldly wiped off her mark as a married woman.
“There you’re unmarried now,”he snarled and tightly grabbed her cheeks and roughly slammed his lips upon hers, kissing her. She took a sharp intake of air when he withdrew from the kiss. “And now everything we have ever shared til now has been erases and wiped off just like the vermilion upon your forehead. I rather be alone than be with someone like you in my life. One woman was enough to shatter me and I won’t let another one do the same. Now I don’t care anymore. I just don’t care. From now on, you’re dead to me,every memory of yours will go along with you when you leave from here. Go. Get out from my life and my house. Never come back again. I’m done caring for people who don’t care about me. JUST GO!” he shoved her out of his way as tears streamed down his gritted cheeks.didn’t want to do this but he had to,to protect himself from getting hurt again.
He had sworn to never fail in love but this girl he just recently met melted down his cold demeanor and made him fall in love once again. He gave her his soul,his body and she just shattered all of that away just because of one mistake that wasn’t even his fault.
It pained him to see her in tears and it hurt him even more that he was the reason why she was sobbing right now. He hated himself but he had to do it.
He was done with selfish people in his life.
Slowly she carried herself away.
When she got home,it was already dusk. She spent most of her time roaming around the streets of the city, crying her eyes out. She ran to her room and slammed her door shut.
She didn’t even acknowledge her parents or her sister who just got discharged from the hospital. She didn’t even care about dinner.
She just wanted to be alone.
She slumped on the sides of her bed and hugged her legs and sobbed between them.
There was a knock at her door.
The door crept open and her sister walked in with a tray of food.
“Sanyu?”she rushed over to her when she saw her face.”Wh…. what happened? Talk to me Sanyukta.”
“Sanju,I have lost him forever. That too because of my stupidity and fear,”she stated leaning into her for a hug.
“Okay but tell me what really happened.”
She slightly brushed off her hair,Sanju’s eyes widened in realization,when she saw the similar red color on her sister’s forehead.
“The sage mistook us as a couple and unintentionally forced us to get married in front of Goddess Durga.”
“But….but you love him then why is it a problem? I get that mom and dad would be angry but why would he leave you?”
“I got scared sister. I feared a lot. If dad finds out he is going to kill me sister. If he finds out he is going to separate the two of us and we will never be together again. And that beast will have the liberty to abuse you anyhow he wants. I got scared that I lashed out on him. I blamed him of my misfortune. He got angry and took back everything.”
“Sanyu,I know that you love me so much but sometimes to have to think of other people another than just me. You don’t have to worry about me anymore. I am planning to divorce Dev and no one can stop me this time. Sanyu,you have always been my inspiration in life. I have always wanted to be carefree and bold like you and now when I am about to need your support you wilter too? Sanyu, remember one thing. Love is for the courageous and not the weak. You have to fight for your love. We can’t let mom and dad win every time. This time they will have to listen to us. If this guy can make you so weak then it means you love him so much. Don’t lose him because you are afraid of what mom and dad will do. I am with here for you and will always be with you. In this battle against our parents,I will need your full support and girl strength Sanyu,”she said with a determined look.
Which made Sanyukta wiped away her tears and join her hands with her. “But how will we do it? What will we do?” She asked.
Her sister cupped her face and smiled. “I will tell you but first I am starving and I can’t think with an empty stomach.”
“Come Sanju,I am not a kid anymore that you will coax me into eating like that.”
“But it always works,”she giggled as she fed her some curd rice. “I love you Sanyu.”
“I love you more sister Sanju,”she hugged her with a smile.
Back home Aditya was standing in the middle of the cold shower, having flashbacks of the woman he thought would be the one for him.
His eyes were red and tears mixed with the shower water streamed down her cheeks.
He was feeling suffocated and he wanted to scream his pain out.
He fisted his hand and punched the shower wall with it, repeatedly.
He was num to the pain. He didn’t even realize that his knuckles were bloody.
“Why? Why did you do this to me? Why? Why? Why? Why! I love you so much. I fucking love you! I love you so much and I hate that I can’t forget you! What have you done to me Sanyukta Agarwal! What! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” He screamed out punching the wall til he lost his will and collapsed on the shower floor, with a heaving chest.
“Why are you looking like you just saw a ghost? Are you sick?” Her mother asked with a concerned face.
“I’m okay mom. Geez! I never knew you loved me so much,”she said sarcastically and rolled her eyes, taking a slice of toast and smashed it with her front teeth.
“Why do you look so gloomy sister in law?” Dev asked with a smug smile. “Mom is right. You don’t look so good.”
Sanyukta frowned and stared at him. “Who told you that you can talk to me huh?”
“Sanyukta stop it,”her mother scolded.
“But mom tell him not to talk to me. Tell him that if he cherished his life then he will stay away from me and my sister. He might be your son in-law but I have never accepted him as my own so I won’t hesitate to cut his throat and I won’t go to jail for it,”she sneered picked up a bread knife and swifted it around before gesturing at Dev’s throat.
Her mother snatched the knife from her and shook her head in disappointment. “I don’t know what will become of you silly girl. One day you are going surprise us. You will walk in here and tell us that you are a gangster.”
“Wow mom,you never told me that we are connected in such a way,that you know my every thought,”she sheepishly said battering her eyelashes.
Dev cleared his throat and asked Sanju to pour a cup of tea. “Erm… Sanyukta you must be happy today, isn’t it?”
She frowned at him in question.
“I mean to say your alliance with Arnav Raizaidah will be fixed today. I suggest you fix yourself first. We don’t want them running away just by looking at your ghostly face.”
“Alliance? What are talking about?” Sanjana asked him.
“Your sister’s alliance,”their father said with a proud smile as he sat down at the breakfast table.” I was just in the call with Mr. Raizaidah and he said they will be coming over for lunch and they are bringing the shagun as well.”
Of all the things she could have done,she laughed hysterically almost chocking on her food.
They all stared at her like she had gone bananas.
She coughed and took a deep breath. “Forgive me. I kind of have a funny bone whenever dad says somethings,”she softly giggled and smiled. “That was a lame joke dad.”
“It was not a joke,”he said deadpan.
Her face turned murderous that everyone couldn’t help but flinched a little.
“My marriage alliance? Are you kidding me!”she shouted. “Without my consent!”
“The boy’s family has agreed and according to our culture,the boy’s family has an upper hand in everything,”her father said sternly.
“I will not get married to him. Call Me. Arnav and tell him that no wedding will take place and no alliance will be fixed today. I had told you that if I have to get married then it has to be the man of my choice and not an arranged marriage.”
“Now listen here young lady,you will get married. The Raizaidahs are coming over this afternoon and I expect you to be present. That’s the end of discussion,”her father abruptly stood up from the table and walked away.
“Can’t you ever do anything with no drama?” Dev asked.
“What did you just say?” She threatened urging towards him to punch his face but her sister held her back and shook her head into no.
She hissed and stormed back to her room.
“Sister, what are you doing?” She asked her.
“Here,some drinks for the guests. This one is for Arnav,make sure you give it to him,”Sanjana instructed.
“But…but why? Did you put something inside the drink?”
“Yes. I added some chilli. I found out that he is allergic to chill. And if he gets a reaction give him this salty water,it will worsen the condition. May the Lord forgive me but whatever I am doing is for you. I can’t let this marriage get fixed.”
Sanyukta nodded with a smile and went back to the living room with the drinks. She gave each one of them a glass respectively and then went to sit down next to her mother in-law to be wearing her best smile.
Arnav picked his glass and gulped it down which triggered a reaction. He started coughing,and requesting for water.
Sanyukta gave him the glass of water they made just for him.
He drank the entire water content and it didn’t nothing to help.
*What did you give to him to drink! Wh…!” Mrs. Raizaidah trailed off her speech when Arnav collapsed on the floor. “ARNAV!”
“Did you want to kill him!” Her father gave her the stinky eye. He was super angry that he would kill anyone. His face was pink in anger which kind of made him look funny too.
Sanyukta mouthed a smile.
“Answer me Sanyukta Agarwal! What did you put in his drink!” He screamed startling her.
She cleared her throat.” Nothing.”
“Nothing? Nothing! The doctor said he had an allergy reaction which means whatever was in that drink triggered the reaction.”
“How am I suppose to know about Arnav’s allergies when I don’t even know him. I don’t know anything about him. You wanted me to get married to a total stranger!”
A loud clap sound was heard. No one saw it coming,not even Sanyukta whose head was whipped to the side and a cheek that was stinging. She licked her lips and tasted something like metal. She used her fingers to feel it and brought them to her eyes.
It was blood. Her blood.
She raised her head and looked at her father who just smacked her face. He didn’t seem remorseful at all,if anything he wanted to murder.
“I have always known that you are mischievous but to have a mind of a killer that I didn’t know,”he said with bitterness. “I can’t believe you are my daughter! You can’t be my daughter! No daughter of mine is so evil to try and kill someone else for their own selfish needs. Do you have any idea in what condition that poor man is in? He has been shifted into the ICU and his parents has filed a lawsuit on you! You wanted to kill the man just so you won’t get married to him.”
She cracked a smile. “Thank God he is in the ICU which means I still have some time to myself.”
Another smack that sent her on the floor. It hurt. This time he hit her so hard that she saw a drop of blood and a tear down her cheek. She wiped it off immediately and looked up again.
“You’re daughter of a devil. I didn’t give birth to you!” Her mother cried shaking her head. “All we ever wanted was your happiness. For you to be happy.”
She scoffed standing up,she wiped off the blood. “Happiness? My happiness! “She laughed.” Please don’t make me laugh mother. For all I know your definition of happiness is totally different from my definition of happiness and everyone’s definition of happiness! All you want is to sell us out! To you,we are your property and not children. Parents show love to their children but all you have been doing is dictating our lives. Telling us how to live and how to act. To be Noble ladys. To be seen and not heard! I’m sick and tired of your hypocrite nature. In front of the entire world the Agarwals are one happy family. We loved each other and we care for each other, little do they know that inside this mansion is nothing but hell! Inside this mansion is nothing but prison. No one can even breath without asking for permission. My sister lost everything because of you. She lost her love,she lost her life! She lost everything and you call this happiness. You call him happiness,”she pointed at Dev. “He is nothing but a beast. He sees my sister has a punching bag. He hits her Everytime he finds fit and you call that happiness. Wow mom and dad,you do deserve the award of the worst parents in the entire universe. You all are so blind that you can’t see the pain and the hurt showing on your own daughter’s face! Or maybe you are just stupid? Or you are greedy and blinded by money and power? Maybe you are right mother,I am not your daughter,”she smiled painfully staring at her. “Because I believe that my mother is not so vicious and so blind not to see the pains of her children. My mother is not weak or a push over who would allow herself to be pushed over by a man,”she glanced at her father then at her mother again. “No mother of mine is like you. You don’t deserve to be called a mother. You were never for once a mother to us!”
“Fine since you have grown up and want to live your life then leave this house this minute. Go live your life and do whatever you want. Be whoever you want! This is what you wanted right? Your freedom. Here you go have it but you will have to leave this house and never step inside ever again,”her father stated and left from there.
“Maybe this time he is right. You should go. We don’t need someone like you in our lives,”her mother added coldly.
“Fine,even I don’t need you,”she replied and turned around walking out with her head held high but once she was left alone,she broke down.
Her tears fell free as she sat on the ground,in the middle of nowhere, sobbing and screaming.
“I love you so much! I love you and because of this love I had to do this. I had to hurt you so much,”she cried. “Oh Lord Shiva,you have given me courage all my life,this time also give me that courage and strength. Show me the right path.”
Just then she saw Goddess Durga’s temple standing before her, making her remember her marriage to Aditya.
She smiled and wiped off her tears. “Hail Goddess Durga,”she folded her hands in prayer.
She rang the door bell and waited to him to open the door. After the third ring,the door opened revealing a shirtless Aditya.
His hair was wet and he smelt like musk. Fresh musk.
So he just got out of shower.
“Hi,”she sheepishly said and tried to smile, remembering that she probably looks like whack she dropped it.
Whilst Aditya wore a bored expression. “What do you want?”
“Can I come in first?”
“No and goodbye,”he slammed the door on her face just when she was about to get inside.
“Hey!” She rang the bell again and again making it annoying.
He pulled the door open. “What!”he raised his tone. “What do you want huh? Do you think you can just come back whenever you want and I will let you? I told you the last time that I don’t ever want to see you. Look let me tell you something Ms. Agar…..”
“Mrs. Sanyukta Aditya Vadhan,”she corrected.
“That’s my name.”
“We are not married and I have nothing to do with you. The whole world doesn’t revolve around you Ms. Sanyukta Agarwal. Now goodbye.”
“Aditya please wait. I know you are angry at me but please……”
“No I am not angry at you. You’re not worthy my attention. I’m so over you. Now leave.”
“You can’t kick me out.”
“This is my house and I can.”
“No you can’t!”
“And why is that?”
“Because….I am…erm… Yes,”she clamped her hands. “Because I am pregnant. You can’t kick me out because I am pregnant.”


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