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{ One Day Calamity }


As the popular saying goes that the evil men do lives with them, but what should I call my own case, I was not a man, I was more superior than that.

My evil deeds shouldn’t live with me, it should all be buried into the hole of forgotten bygones .

The time I thought it was right to refrain from my unwise and stupid earthly feelings I was gathering, then a disruption occurred in heaven leaving me totally exposed to human.

Or was the disruption a means of the supreme one reminding to focus on my duty and stop my immature behavior which has glue to my body like a plague from heaven down to earth.

What was my fate as the disruption has wiped off my invisibility with nowhere for me to escape, found out as my story continues.

Tabitha on suddenly seeing a strange giant in her room with a wing protruding from his back and to worsening it, the strange being was directly in front of her.

She screamed loudly and passed out on her bed.

Immediately I heard footsteps running towards the room and there was no where that I could hide inside the room or escape through.

As the footsteps grew closer so do my heartbeats, tensions filled all of my body and I could felt all of my muscles twitching

My wings were erected, as if ready to bust out any time sooner, because it would be dangerous for those that are coming if they saw me.

Then I saw the door knob turned and the door opened, but at that same moment I felt myself drawn back into the spiritual realm, I was back to my invisible state.

I heaved a sigh of relief as Ranking and Precious rushed to Tabitha who was laying stiff on the bed.

After calling her name for some time and she didn’t respond, Ranking quickly carried her running outside and Precious too ran after them calling Tabitha’s name repeatedly in a wailing tone.

Dandy and Aliyu were busy discussing or should I say arguing stupidly with each other when we got out, on seeing Tabitha in Ranking’s hand, her back on Ranking’s arm with her head and leg tilted downward, they quickly rushed towards him

” oga,wetin I do small madam,abi I they play am for play with small madam ni ” Dandy asked with his deep hausa english intonation

” go and open the gate now ” Ranking barked at him rushing towards his car, and Dandy ran helter-skelter towards the gate almost tripping as he quickly opened the gate.

Ranking quickly unlocked the lock of the car with the car remote key in his hand, he dropped Tabitha in the back seat and quickly ran to the driver’s seat only to meet Aliyu already seated there

” oga, oya key, make me I carry her go ” he said to Ranking stretching his hand towards him to collect the car key

” fool ” Ranking screamed dragging Aliyu out of the car roughly ,he entered it and started the car, as he reversed it back a little so as to have enough space to speed out of the compound at a go , he heard a loud crash at the back of the car, he quickly got out of the car to see what was it he banged,

” no no no no no ” he screamed running to his wife who was already on the floor with blood oozing from her head.

He quickly carried her too and put her inside his car and sped out of the compound.

The journey to the hospital was a rough one as Ranking failed to obey all the road signs he saw, and almost hit a policeman who almost tried to intercept him to bring his car to an halt. But he didn’t stopped as he sped towards him and the stupid policeman had to jump into a nearby bush in order to save his life.

If not for me, all three of them might even have end up under a big truck.

Ranking drove into the big compound of Life First Memorial hospital like someone being chased by assassins.

He parked at the parking spot ,he quickly brought out his wife,carried her and ran to the emergency room,the nurse seeing him brought out a stretcher and collected her from him, they rode her to one of the free ward , a doctor followed behind them.

He brought out his stethoscope to listen to her heart beat

” she’s going into shock ” he suddenly screamed, “get me the M E D ” he added placing his two hand on her chest adding pressure to it

and a nurse rushed out and in a minute she was back with the defiberator .

The doctor collected and connected it to the heart rate monitor and connect the monitor to Precious arm.

→→→ outside the emergency room ←←←

Ranking was pacing around, his mind filled up ,he was muttering some inaudible words,

Whenever he sees a nurse come out of the ward, he will rush towards her like a mad man asking about the condition of his wife, but all he gets in return was that he should be patient, that the doctor is still with her.

Then after some time, Ranking who had already completely forgotten about Tabitha who was also in the car remembered her.

He ran outside like a thief and met her still unconscious inside the car.


I’ve already tried to wake her up from her unconscious state, but she wasn’t waking up. I knew she wasn’t dead and I couldn’t decipher the reason she wasn’t waking up.

I know divinity isn’t something to be revealed to a mere human, but the supreme one should understand that it wasn’t the little girl’s fault that she saw it likewise not mine also.

I could even say it was the heaven’s fault that she saw it because if there wasn’t a disruption in heaven nothing of such would have happened.

I’ve heard about such event that also happened many years ago when brother Basath was sent to earth as a guardian angel of the perfect one then. It happened 60 days ago before I got my own mission as a guardian angel. So it was approximately 600 years ago on earth.

There was also a disruption in heaven then and brother Basath’s visibility wears off, and it occurred when he was in the midst of many people, all the people who saw him died at once except the perfect one who he was guarding who became unconscious .

It took the perfect one then 10 years before he finally woke up.

It is not that angels can’t be seen by human, but when the supreme one want one of his little one to see an angel, he would have already prepare the little one for it or would have taken something away from the angel he wanted the little one to see( am not going to tell you all what the thing is, I can’t reveal all the heaven’s secrets to you mere humans, so forgive me for that ) ( I would like to call the thing X )

This thing that was removed from angel will make their power less effective and they can be easily overcome by demons or strong human.

So the supreme always allow the messenger’s sector headed by brother Gabriel to be have the ability to be seen by human without anything happening to them.

So all the messengers in heaven doesn’t have X in their body.

That was the case of brother Hapaya who the supreme sent a message through to one of his beloved little thing on earth then called Haba in heaven but on earth his name was Jacob.

He was able to fought with brother Hapaya then because brother Hapaya doesn’t have X inside his body.

But because of the war we guardian angels have to fight on earth, X must be present in our body which made it a taboo for little ones to see us.

After the case of brother Basath, none has happened again except mine that happened that day.


Ranking quickly bundled Tabitha out of the car and rushed her to the emergency room.

Another sets of nurse collected her on the stretcher and head to another empty ward and another doctor followed them.

Life First Memorial Hospital was one of the biggest hospital in Lagos, its was said to be own by a foreign family who has been dwelling in Lagos for a very long time.

The hospital was being managed by the family and it was said to be of the same standard with some hospitals in Europe.

Everyday is always a busy day for the doctors and nurses working in the hospital.

The hospital in order to have efficient administration of its patient has many doctors and nurses who are highly qualified.

Many politicians and wealthy people whose illness is serious and doesn’t want to be fly out of the country for care are always being referred to Life First Memorial Hospital.

The ward which Tabitha and Precious were, was a little bit far from themselves but on the same corridor.

Ranking was seen pacing the corridor, he couldn’t stay at a single place.

After an hour with some minutes passed, the two doctors in charge of the two wards came out of their ward the same time, Ranking was in the middle, he kept switching glance between the two doctors not knowing who he should approach first, because the two doctor’s face showed that they have bad news for him.

The doctors met him at the middle when it seems to them that he was stagnant at the spot he was.

“Let go to my office ” one of the doctor said and they all followed him.

” Mr Ranking am sorry to say this to you, but I think your daughter is in coma ” one of the doctor said with a sad tone after they’ve settled down.

“What do you mean by that ” Ranking asked standing up almost screaming

” you need to calm down sir, she will wake up ” the doctor said trying to calm Ranking

” and when is that happening ” Ranking asked with a shaky voice

” soon ” I assure you sir

” okay, what about my wife ” Ranking said facing the second doctor

” I think it’ll be good if you can calm your nerve first before I tell you the news ” the doctor replied trying to get out of the office

” tell me, I’m man enough to handle whatever it is, or is she also in coma ” Ranking enunciated intercepting the doctor from going out.

” okay if you say so, due to the impact to which she hit her head, she’s developed an haemorrhage from it, we tried our best but we weren’t able to save her, I’m sorry but she’s dead ” the doctor said moving away from Ranking

” what do you meant by she’s dead ” Ranking screamed dragging the doctor back to him, he held the doctor by his collar screaming at him .

” what exactly are you trying to say ” he screamed at the doctor again .

” I’m sorry sir, but she’s dead ” the doctor replied him freeing himself of Ranking’s grip on his collar.

The world became void and numb to Ranking, everything seems like a dream to him, he wished it was a dream.

Tears wasn’t coming forth in order to comfort his heart a bit.

He was walking absently minded out of the emergency room, he needed someone to soothe his soul.

He couldn’t believe that everything happened just in a day, as he was about to get to his car, he saw an ambulance sped passed him and halt just a little distance from him.

The medical officer inside it quickly wheeled out a stretcher out of the ambulance and someone who looked familiar followed the stretcher wailing.



” Yemi ” Ranking said inaudibly


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