Episode 4

Now I have to admit that since I’d found lesbian p–n on the internet that included a strapon my fantasies of Jane have regularly included her f—–g my brains out in all sorts of places and positions with one; it still came as quite a surprise though to find out that yes, she really did have one and was ready and willing to demonstrate its use! There was something else I wanted to try first though.

All I said to Jane was “later” before rolling her onto her back. Kissing Jane’s neck was a revelation to my senses! The whimper that escaped her lips was a huge turn on for me, coupled with a light hint of perfume and a little salty sweat from her exertions earlier made me heady to taste more of her.

I kissed all over her chest and I didn’t miss the way her breath hitched when I got close to a n—-e but I made her wait — I was enjoying the effect I was having on her far too much! As soon as I relented and closed my lips over a n—-e I was hooked. I felt her chest rise to meet me and her fingers tangled in my hair as I suckled, swapping between them regularly. Feeling impish I bit one of them gently and Jane’s reaction was brilliant — she hissed through clenched teeth and her eyes were ablaze. It seems my new lover likes a little pain with her pleasure — who knew?

I continued to suckle and nibble on her nipples as I slipped my hand down her torso, caressing her hips, her tummy, her thighs before finally running my fingers the length of her slit and she was soaked! For some reason I found this a much bigger turn on than giving a man an erection; knowing that her body was responding to my amateur ministrations was so exciting!

I slid my fingers up and down her lips, lightly grazing her c–t on each pass while continuing to s–k her t–s. Her body was writhing under me and when I slipped a couple of fingers into her and claimed her c–t with my thumb her hips rocketed off the bed and her cry was music to my ears. I fingered her hard and fast, her hips meeting me t—-t for t—-t until I thought she was close and then I bit down on her n—-e. It had the desired effect and immediately her walls clamped down on my fingers and my hand was flooded with her c-m.

Remembering the effect it had on me earlier I made sure she was looking at me as I brought my fingers to my mouth and made a show of licking them clean. I don’t know what I was expecting, I had tasted myself after all, but Jane’s taste was different to mine; she had a cleaner, fresher taste that I instantly loved.

Encouraging me up the bed I snuggled into Jane’s heated body and kissed her again, my tongue teasing hers as my hand smoothed her hair away from her face.



“Oh Ellie, I love you so much.”


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