Episode 29

Marvelous finally got to know where Helen was. She was informed of Constance’s death. And what was on ground. She forfeited her youth service and decided to stay with Marvelous. Her plan was to go with the next batch after she delivers.

Irrespective of all that had happened, Helen still wanted to pursue a career as an economist in the Federal Bureau of Statistics. She has always love to work there.

On the ninth month, Helen’s water broke why she was returning home from a supermarket.

She was rushed to the nearest hospital where she was to deliver…

“Push…! Push…! Push…!” The words of the medical team started to echo in her ears

. She had lost her strength.

. She lost lots of blood. One of the doctors called Marvelous to inform him and get his consent that the delivering would have to be done via Caesarean section otherwise called CS.

Marvelous who was already on his way got there before the procedure started.

Holding Marvelous’ palms as she was been rolled to the theatre, she said calmly “Please take care of her”

Marvelous kept on staring at her as she was still being rolled in while he had been hindered from entering with her. As he kept on staring, that moment, he realized that he did loved her

. Somehow her face was just like that of Constance when he first met her in year two. This was when it dawned on him, that he didn’t just wanted her because she had his baby, he had fallen in love with her.

Helen didn’t make it out alive from the procedure, but the baby did.

For the third time in Marvelous’ life, tears rolled down from his eyes. It went down his cheek, then his chest. First was his mom when he was 16, second was Constance eight months ago, and now is Helen. These were the women he truly loved.

“If I had not forced myself on her that day, she wouldn’t have been dead now.” Marvelous muttered these words to himself as he was frustrated and bent on taking his life too.

However, just that moment, one of the doctors beckoned upon him. As he walked in to the room the baby was, a beaming smile forced itself out of his face still with tears.

The baby had the exact eyes of Constance, the beautiful lips of Helen and the pointed nose of his late mother.The baby was three-in-one of all he had lost and loved. That moment, he loved her at first sight. He named her after Helen and Constance

“Welcome Hen-Stance” Hesaid to the baby.





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