Episode 6


It is just two weeks after my marriage with Jenny and now our marriage is crashing all because of me,I need my wife Jenny back,I know what I did to her was so terrible but all I was doing is for our own good,how can I accept that child of a rapist as my own?

I love Jenny so much and I don’t want our marriage to torn apart.

But will I be able to swallow my pride and accept that child as mine?

I don’t think if I can do that,what will I do now?

I went to her father’s house to look for her but she is not there,

Where could she has gone to?

I thought as I continue dialing her number but no respond.

“Yes I know where I will see her,Rose’s house,why didnt I thought of her all this while?

I said and rushed out with my car key.


“Rosy is food is too much,I can’t finish it”

I said.

“C’mon Jenny! Don’t you know that you need a lot of food or are you not aware that is a human being you are carrying inside of you?

She sounded.

“I know but the food is too much with a lot of fruits to accompanying the food”

I said.

“Jenny stop complaining and eat your food and from now on you will be eating a lot of fruits because is so nourishable for the baby,I discovered online that fruits provides vitamins and minerals that can help your baby along throughout your pregnancy. Pregnant mothers require foods rich in fiber, potassium, vitamin A and C, folic acid, and other nutrients in order to keep their bodies strong until baby arrives, and fruits can be an excellent and easy source,so you see the reasons why you need fruits”

She said slicing watermelon for me into pieces.

I hugged her,”Thank you so much Rosy you are just a darling”

I said.

She smiled and said,”I want this little angel to look healthy and beautiful just like her mother”

She said smiling.

“See you! How did you know the baby Is a girl?

I smiled eating the watermelon.

“I know is a girl nah we can bet on it if you want”

She smiled.

“Okay ooo! As you say nah”

I replied.

“Someone is at the door!

I said as soon as I heard the door bell.

“Let me go and check who is there”

She said and walked to the door.

“What are you doing here?

Rosy shouted at the person.

“Where is my wife Jenny? Jenny please come out I want to see you”

He shouted.

“What is he doing here?

I said as I went to see him.

“Joe how could you do that to Jenny? What type of devil that possessed you that made you to do that devilish act to her?

Rosy shouted.

“Yes am here! Why did you want to see me?

I shouted.

“My love am deeply sorry,I don’t know want came over me,it is the handiwork of the devil,please forgive me and come back to the house”

He pleaded.

“You want your punching bag back so that you can continue your punching abi?

Rosy shouted.

“Joe am not going back to that house,I don’t want to die before my time since you don’t want my unborn child and you have done all sorts of things to kill my baby and me so tell me what sense dose it make for me to go back to your house?

“My love am a change person and am ready to accept that child has my own,I want you back to the house and most importantly back to my life”

He pleaded.

“Joe I don’t trust you anymore,what you did to me made me to lost all the trust I have for you and before I will go back to the house it will be in a condition”

I said.

“Am ready to accept any condition”

He said.

“I have to stay in Rosy’s house until I gave birth I will now consider to go back to you”

I sounded.

“What sort of condition is that? Did you think that I can be able to live without you in my life”

He sounded.

“I did not say we will stay apart from each other nor will I stop you from coming to visit me”

I said.

“I was actually enjoying myself before you came so I need to go back and continue my enjoyment”

I said and walked out.

“Jenny please consider our love and come back to the house”

He shouted.

“Joe you heard what she said so your presence is no longer needed”

Rosy shouted at him.

“I will soon come back and make you to understand how important you are to me and I can’t stay without you in my life”

He shouted and walked out.

“Jenny I hope you are not planing to go back to that monster’s house after all he has done to you?

Rosy asked and sat down.

“Am I stupid? Did you want my baby to die in his hands,I know what I passed through so am very much aware that Joe don’t want this child if due he said he is no a change person and he is willing to accept the baby I don’t believe him because his eyes were telling me another thing,I can only go back to him after giving birth”

I said.

“Your decision is good but Joe has to pay ooo for doing those terrible things to you”

She sounded.

“Is okay Rosy and I thank God that am no longer in that house again”

I said.

“Finish up your food so that you can rest”

She said.

“Am full now”

“You have not even finish the quarter of that food,don’t you know you are two now so you need lot of food for the baby”



She said and insisted I should finish up the food,I obyed her without hesitating.


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