Luck Again?
Helpless, Zhao Feng picked up the bow again and slowly pulled the string.
“Looks at this kid’s stance, it is obvious that he is a newbie!”

“Hmph! If he hits the centre this time, I will write my name backwards.”

The archers on the field had excited faces and looked down upon Zhao Feng.
The person in the crowd who had the highest skill was Zhao Yui. He had a face full of confidence, “Archery skills are only improved by shooting infinite times. Only then will you become a peak archer.”
His words made those archers around nod in agreement.

Zhao Feng squinted his eyes, but did not use his left eye this time.

If he used his left eye, it would obviously hit dead centre.

Zhao Feng decided to go low key, so he just barely used his left eye.

At the same time, the Continuous Meteorite Arrows skill in his mind merged into his heart and became a part of him.

Every part of Zhao Feng’s body, even his breathing, started to have a small change.
These changes weren’t watched closely by the people.

However, being an exceptional archer, Zhao Yui’s eyes flashed.

The bow shot out an arrow that whipped through the air, and like a meteorite, landed on the target.

Dead Centre!
“Another 10th ring!”
Zhao Feng had a wronged expression.
This time he didn’t even fully use his left eye, but only the skills of Continuous Meteorite Arrows

He thought that it was hard to get a good result, but did not know that he would still hit dead centre.


He shook his head and sighed.
His actions made the disciples face’s go tense.

“Another dead centre, what is this guy!?”
“He’s got two dead centres now, how can someone be so lucky?”

These archers had confused expressions and were unwilling to believe.
“Ok, I have finished shooting, I am going to go now.”

Zhao Feng patted his clothes, then put down his bow and got ready to leave.
Looking at his back, all the archers around felt angry.

“Kid! Stop right there!”
A cold voice came from behind.
Zhao Feng stopped his footsteps and turned around.

The person who called him was Zhao Yui.
Zhao Yui had a face full of anger and his 3rd rank of the martial path made the people around him feel pressure.

Zhao Yui was 17-18 years old. The fact that he had higher cultivation (3rd rank) and was also bigger in size than Zhao Feng added some ferocity.

“I have already shot my arrow, what else do you want me to do?”

Although Zhao Yui was strong, and Zhao Feng didn’t have any confidence in winning. However, it did not mean he was scared of him.

“You are still acting!” Zhao Feng snorted: “You are not a beginner, you are just here to play us!”

After this was said, the archers around him all came to a realisation and nodded in agreement.

“No wonder this kid had so much luck, he was just a tiger pretending to be a pig!”
“Hmph, this guy dares to play us!”
The disciples around believed Zhao Yui’s words and started shouting at Zhao Feng with angry faces.

“Calm down everyone, this was indeed my first time shooting.”

Zhao Feng shook his head; he really wasn’t a tiger pretending to be a pig.

To get such a good result was not something that he expected.

Zhao Yui stared at him and twinkled his eyes: “Even I got tricked by the first two arrows. However, the 3rd arrow…. Your hand stance has obviously reached a high level. To shoot 50 metres and hit the centre twice in a row. What kind of beginner has this kind of luck?”

He had reason for his words. It did not matter if Zhao Feng had one hundred mouths, because he still wouldn’t be able to explain.
“What do you guys want?”
Zhao Feng’s face turned cold, if he could not explain then there was no point in explaining.
“Heheh kiddo, you have the nerve to play us. So we’re not gonna let you leave so easily.”
The disciples around all touched their fists and more and more people came crowding over.

“Sister Yufei, that place seems popular, let us go over and see.”
Some of the sect’s girls’ were attracted by the attention given.

These girls’ ages were between 12 and 16.
One of them wore a purple dress. She had a face as white as snow and seemed fragile, but her beauty was incomparable.

“Too beautiful…. Who is she?”
One youth the same age as Zhao Feng stood dazzled and his eyes locked on to the girl.
“That’s the sect new genius “Zhao Yufei”!”

Most of the sect’s disciples knew the girl’s identity.

“She is only fourteen-fifteen years old and she is already at the peak of the 3rd rank of the martial path. She will be at the 4th rank soon and will then become a true martial artist.”

“This Zhao Yufei is not only pretty, but she also has exceptional talent.”

Some youths took back their eyesight and felt ashamed, as if they felt like they were not worthy of Zhao Yufei.

Zhao Yufei wasn’t only pretty, but also had a refreshing aura. She was like a flower.
Even Zhao Yui’s eye shone when he saw Zhao Yufei.
“It’s her……”

Zhao Feng also knew Zhao Yufei.
Zhao Yufei was also a branch disciple that came over half a year ago.

She had the same cultivation as Zhao Yijian, but she was younger!

It was hard to believe that someone from the branch family, under the resources she had, could achieve such a realm.
Maybe, this was a genius!

Some things couldn’t happen to normal people. For a genius however, they could with ease.

When Zhao Feng previously saw Zhao Yufei, he thought that she was beautiful. Being a normal youth of the same age, it was hard not to be attracted. However, at that time, Zhao Feng knew that with his cultivation and status, he and Zhao Yu Fei were 2 people from different worlds.

Seeing Zhao Yufei come over, Zhao Yui went over to warmly greet her.
Zhao Feng was composed, and looked straight at Zhao Yufei.

If it was before, and Zhao Feng was in front of this beautiful girl genius, he would think of himself as unworthy and would even be scared to look her in the eye.

Today however, he looked straight at her.
When he looked at her, Zhao Feng’s left eye subconsciously started to move.
Through his left eye, Zhao Yufei’s stunning figure was even clearer than before.

Through this, Zhao Feng was shocked.
Slowly, Zhao Yufei’s clothes started to fade and he almost saw the snow white skin inside….

Obviously, his left eye did not have see-through abilities. Even if it did, it would be incredibly weak.

It was only because he had super-vision that he could see things more clearly.

The difference was that normal people’s vision stayed on something far away, whereas Zhao Feng’s vision could pull it closer and look at it under “zero distance”. That is why there was a certain “see-through” effect.

At this time, Zhao Feng’s left eye was pushed to its full capabilities and inside the pitch black dimension, the faint green glow spun faster.

Suddenly, Zhao Yu Fei’s clothes completely disappeared, even her body was almost fully see-through.

Zhao Feng’s left eye saw her blood circulating, he even saw the faint purple aura inside her veins.

“Zhao Yufei’s talent is so strong! She is going to have “Martial Path Inner Strength” soon……”

Zhao Feng was very surprised by this and took a long breath.

In terms of age, she was only older than him by a year, but she had already had achievements of some height. At the Azure Flower Continent, most of the “Martial Learners” stayed in the 3rd rank of the martial path forever as they were unable to understand “Martial Path Inner Strength” and become 4th rankers.

Zhao Yufei however, at the age of 14-15 had almost completely understood the concept of “Martial Path Inner Strength”. The days until she becomes a true martial artist were not far away.

“My left eye does not have a fully see-through ability, but I can still sense the blood and inner strength of those I look at.”

Zhao Feng’s eye jumped and this was the conclusion he gave after some thought.

At this time, the key focus, Zhao Yufei seemed to feel something and looked towards Zhao Feng. Zhao Feng did not hide but closed the ability of his left eye.

Zhao Yu Fei felt weird inside her heart as she a feeling of being stripped and having all her secrets seen.
“What happened here?”
Zhao Yufei took back her gaze and asked.
“Little sister Yu Fei, this is what happened…..”

Zhao Yui and the others exaggerated the whole incident.
“I see.”

Zhao Yufei looked at Zhao Feng.
Zhao Feng knew that under these conditions he would not be able to explain.
“Kid! Because of your past actions, you have caused a crowd outrage. I will give you a chance to apologise to everyone.”
Zhao Yui said arrogantly.

“I did not do anything wrong so why would I need to apologise?”

Zhao Feng clicked his tongue.
“If you apologise to us, then we will let this pass.”

Zhao Yui said like a gentlemen.

He was obviously going to perform well in front of this beauty.

“Apologise? Not possible.” Zhao Feng said: “Everything you said before was just what you thought yourselves.”
When he said this, everyone, even including Zhao Yu Fei, pushed their eyebrows together.
“This Zhao Feng is a bit too arrogant.”
Zhao Yufei now had a bad impression of Zhao Feng.

“You can argue well can’t you?”
Zhao Yui laughed instead of getting angry.
“If you do not apologise, then do not think that you will be able to leave.”

The disciples around started to close in on Zhao Feng.

“Using more to fight less?”
Zhao Feng had a face of mockery and glanced at Zhao Yufei.

Zhao Yui and his cronies all had their faces change.
In front of this genius and beautiful girl, they would obviously act as gentlemen, and using more to beat up less was not very good looking.

Zhao Yui’s eyes twirled and had a trick up his heart: “We won’t use more to beat less…. You won’t need to apologise, but only if you can beat me in arrow skills.”
“That’s right! Since you are both archers, use your strength to talk.”
“Little sister Yufei can be the judge.”
Everyone agreed and started shouting.
Zhao Yui laughed in his heart, this was like shooting 2 birds with 1 arrow.



Through an arrow contest, he could make Zhao Feng apologise and not lose demeanour.
He could also show off his skills in front


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