Episode 8

Immediately she lost control (Or so I thought)

and she began to jerk her hips. The panties

was still there and it was limiting my

movement. The hem of the parties gets in

between my open teeth and I s—-d like a child

s—–g bobo and then I thought I was now in

control as her moaning increased I wanted to

make her feel the impact aof my cunnilingus

skills so I plunged in my middle finger and

immediately a heavy slap landed on my head. I

stopped immediately and pulled out my finger. ”

What have I done wrong now ” I thought

“Have I asked you to put in your fingers? You

do only what I say! Now continue licking.” She


“Yes ma” I replied and resumed my duty. I knew

I was being used as a s*x toy. I licked and

licked in circular moves. I was alternating

between clockwise movement and anti

clockwise movement. She continued

moaning,her breathing unstable as I lick on.

Suddenly she puysged my head away, I guess

it was too much for her.

I looked up like an obedient dog as I waited for

the next instruction.

“Peel off these motherf*ckers” She said as she

points her panties She raised up her legs from

the floor and I pulled away the stripped parties

to behold one of the plumpiest looking Kitty


“Insert a finger”

I did. “Now pump it” Trust me now, I started

pumping slowly, teasing her hot boiling

pleasure hole. I rotated my fingers while lodged

inside and rub the walls of her Kitty lining. As I

did this my thumb was hitting her Cherry She

let out a loud moan, indictating I was on the

right track. This went on for about three

minuets and a slap landed on my head and I

knew that was a sign to go faster. And faster I

did pump. She started jerking her hips

violently,meeting my every t—-t.

I knew she was getting close and I was happy

to be finishing my punishment little did I know

she don’t come fast.”Bite my Kitty lipssss” She

hissed amidst the soft moans. I did as she said

but she screamed “Harder!” And I deepen my

teeth on her soft pinkish meaty kitty flesh. I

heard her wince in pain and pleasure then I

knew she is a perv.

I continued biting, increasing and decreasing

the pressure as I continue to pump into her

gory pleasure hole. She jerk harder and I knew

she will come surely and I attacked her Cherry,

s—–g it hard and giving it long painful pulls.

That was the end of part one She slapped me

many times as she came, collapsing on the

bed. I was not willing to stop so I followed her

and continued licking till she pushed my head





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