Episode 24

As i move closer to the bed she sleep facing the

When i have reach the edge of the bed i look at her i
want to talk buh it like my mouth have been glue, she
look up at me and laugh i started shaking when i get bk my voice i ask her about my boss.

Boss wife: is inside the house sleeping dear

Me: pls ma what alll dis all about you know that my
boss wont be happy if he hear about what appen

Boss wife: (she look up at me and gave me a
mischiveous look) he wont be happy or what are you saying, you know that he wont be happy and you will
be stearing at my butt while walking he wont be
happy and you would be peeping at me while bathing
abi i thought you are hard like how your parent talk
about you back then dont know you are nothing but a
local champion. I was just steering at her as shes talking i dont know
what 2 do all dis while i started thing wah if my boss
come here or if cynthia come here what will be my

Me: buh what about if cynthia or my boss enter and
meet us like this Boss wife: chuckling. They cant come here cos the two
of them is in dreamland now i already put sleeping
tablet in there food and they wont wake up till around
1pm tomorrow

Me: (feeling releive) (chai nah me dis woman dey call
local champion i go let her know say village boi are the best in sexocology) so whhat re we doing with
this ice cream

Boss wife: huh sorry we re drinking it ni
She get down from the bed and move closer to me, in
a command tone she told me to lie down,
as i lie down she moved closer to the door and lock it she come back to me



Boss wife : now to what is on now you really have a
good c–k and i know that it going to be great in this
(pointing @ her p—y)

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