Episode 33

as i want to open the door she call me back and
handed some money to me i count it and it 20
thousand i thank her and kiss here.

me: so when will you be coming home

Boss wife: by evening you know i cant go now so that she wont suspect anything
I said ok and went out as i pass in front of the
receptionist she was just streeing at me.

Om my way home i branch to KFC and buy snacks and
pizza for cynthia.

More @ d———–m,

as i get home i knock at the gate, the gate open and i
enter he started hailling me ha small oka, good day
welcome, how tings, how jorney. I just look at him
and started laughing i gave him 500naira and head to
the house as i want to knock i look at the parking
space and see one camry there. I started thinking who cold be inside, or cynthia bring
a guy home i just open the door forcefully without
knocking weting my eye see my mouth no fit talk am,
i see cynthia pant down on all four inside the parlour
with one guy banging her and slamming her ass the
did not notice my presence until i cough, as they hear the sound the two of them parted away from each
other and look at my direction as i see d guy i started
feeling jealous is it because i dont have money, is it
because i come from a poor family gosh god why me
as i was still thinking the guy have been dressing up
while cynthia is covering her breast and p—y with her palm.

Weting consine money with banana weting consine
me say dem dey f–k u, i greet dem weldone and
enter my room i sit down on the bed and started
thinking about my life what have been doing since
have come to lagos just f–k and eat god in the midst of two women.



I dont know when i slept off, i feel a soft hand on my
body and open my eyes i saw cynthia sitting on my
bed with just towel around her waist i look at her
before i could say jack we are on the bed devouring
each other body from kissing to s—–g breast to lapping of p—y juice to doggy style as we started the
cow girl style we hear car horn outside and seperrate
from each other rush to wear my clothe while cynthia
rush to her room after 3min thres knock on the door
as i went to open the door have seen cynthia there
already as my boss wife step inside she started sneezing her nose like trying to smell something
Finally she ask the jamb question
What smeeling like dis? DANNYBAZE ENTERTAINMENT FORUM d———–m 27 August at 11:16 · P

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