Episode 7

after me and my parent have our seat, the king clear is troat and great all the people that are gathered in the palace he call on me to explain what happen between me and the girl.

I explain my own part of the story to him

He call the girl also and she explain saying that i want to rapee her i just stood transfixe on the spot looking @ the floor my eye red i just dont know what to say. Bcos i did not understand what is going on, i started wondering when i rape a girl, it the voice of my parent that brought me back from my thought the king order for the priest to come, when the priest come the king told the priest to perform his duty.

Priest: gooday all the ladies and gentle

All: good day baba
Priest you all know why we are here and you know that raping a girl is an offemce

All: beeni (yes)

I just dont know what is going on,sweet cover my body and am shivering, the priest call on me to the front.

Priest: iwo wanbi bayi (you come her)
I move to his front

Priest: kiloru ko e(what your name)

Md: mudashiru ni baba (mudashiru sir)

Priest: is it true that you rape this girl here

Me: no sir i just dont know what going on here i did not rape anybody sir



Priest: uhmmmmm okay
He went inside the palace and come out with a calabash, and sit down on the bear floor he did the incantation and told me and the girl that we are going to drink the water.
Priest: am going to give you two this water to drink if anyone of you is found guilty he/she will die
I look up to the girl and i can see her shivering, i look at the prince also he also is shiveringg i just ignore the two of them the priest bring the water to me i look @ my parent and they give me the go ahead bi nodding there head i drank the water and give the calabash back to the priest he pass it to the girl, the girl just to and want to ran away the king guard get hold of her amd bring her back, she started crying and told the priest that shes going to confess..

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