Episode 13

When he tossed my [email protected] away and I was bare to his eyes, [email protected] legs then placed soft kisses in my inner thighs then he pulled me closer to the edge of the sofa so that I was half leaning my back against the back rest. I swallowed hard in anticipation and suddenly released a m0an when he gently slipped two fingers into me. My toe nails curled as he thrusted them in and out of me in a shallow way.

Soon, he pulled out his fingers and s#cked on them and I could only stare at him in amazement. I had been disgusted when I had seen Sani going down on Patricia and yet I couldn’t even stop Steve from doing almost the same thing to me. Soon, he lowered his head and his lips captured my c..lit and I shuddered and closed my eyes, too shy to watch him do it.

He noticed and gently tapped my left cheek as he spoke against my c.lit. “Open your eyes, Winifred, I want you to store every image in your mind, you are never to forget this, not even when you are with your husband.”
As I was about to speak, his mouth s#cked my v—a in and I gasped. He gave me good h.ead that I didn’t bother judging Patricia anymore cuz I now understood what she felt. When Steve was done eating me out, even to the extent of thrusting his fingers into me as he s#cked me, I was desperate for the main deal. I had completely forgotten about the p0rn movie and all I was interested in was Steve.



I watched him take off his shirt over his head and then followed by his pants and briefs till he was st.ark n#ked before me. He was already hard and that was the first time I was seeing another man’s sugar stick besides my husband. Kneeling before me again, he adjusted and aimed and I slowly felt him push into me till he sank half way. While he did all this, his eyes were on my face and he was watching every expression I made.
“Beg me to go all the way in.” He said and when I frowned in confusion, he suddenly grabbed my throat again and sq££zed. “Say it!” He ordered.
“Please go all the way in.” I mumbled and he leaned forward to kiss me and bite my lower lip. He grabbed both br.easts in both hands and sq££zed as he buried himself completely inside me and I moved in an uncomfortably way. He pinched and twisted my ni..pples and I knew that I had been missing a lot. Suddenly out of no where, he bit my nipples and I gave a cry of pain. “Do you like it?” He asked and I shook my head. “Well you have to because inflicting pain is the only way I get off.”



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