My First Job After National Service



Episode 11

I was so terrified when the door was Opening, my dad could kill, he used to do some boxing exercise and other extreme sports those days before he meet my mom.. I kept on imagining how he was going to deal with Tunde, but wait a minute, Tunde is way stronger, oh and he loves me so much, I don’t want this to happen. I always had this culture of praying when I’m in trouble.

  • Oh God let it not be my daddy, he’s gonna kill me oh, and come to think of it, I guessed that stupid maid must have told him where to find me, right inside tunde’s room, and the first question he would ask will be “what’s going on here”*

••••••••••DOOR OPENS

Thank God, It’s The Governors Son Dammy*

Govt.Son: What!? What is going on here? You mean a girl of such cl*ss is banging her house boy?

Me: Dammy it’s not what you think, okay, it’s not like that… I.. I actually… Ehmm came to…

I thought as much what the first question would be, I was clearly short of words, but I felt Relieved, it was the governors son, he came to check on me simply because he’s obsessed with me, but what if he tells my dad!?

Govt.Son: I get it okay, you said you were going to the bathroom to ease yourself and left me waiting for over thirty minutes, unknowingly, you came to stay with your Servant?

Tunde was uncomfortable on hearing dammy call him a servant, he felt influenced but annoyed, maybe because it was the governors son, but he couldn’t control his anger anymore one more word and it’s going to be really ugly

Me: he’s not a Servant okay?

Govt.Son: hey, Tunde what’s that in your hand? that’s the necklace I bought for shade, what’s it doing in your hands? Are you trying to steal it?

Tunde: oh, I thought it was a rope? I Was about to throw it inside the toilet.

Govt.Son: you’re very funny, How much Should I pay you for that joke? Or should I employ you to be making jokes for my kids? That Necklace could change your life…

Me: please dammy, Enough already! You know how I hate Rude guys, and don’t make me get the feeling you’re rude. I just came to tell him my phone had a problem with the battery and Tunde is good at IT stuffs so I thought he’ll do a great job fixing it. Can we go to the dining now before my dad comes?

Govt.Son: hmm okay, don’t forget to collect the rope from his hands..

Me: ok I won’t dear…

I was so relieved, I got really scared on what the outcome would have been but thank my stars it wasn’t my dad. We left for the sitting room, we talked for a while, he could be so hilarious, but I just couldn’t enjoy our conversation because I just did not like him, he’ll say something really sweet, and make promises to buy me ride and I’ll just laugh so he’ll think I really love what he’s saying, but I don’t, I was actually just doing pep talk with him just to please my dad. Finally, my dad finally came back, he saw us talking together he smiled and came to us and joined us, all both of them talked about was how I’ll look good with dammy on a wedding gown…

Dad: Shade, go and call Tunde to join us, don’t take so long okay…

Me: okay daddy.

i said to Myself, finally, I’ve left their presence, I can now actually breath fresh air*

I went to Tunde’s room, the door was opened, before I entered he was the first to speak.

Tunde: you came to call me Mmmh?

Me: how do you know that? Don’t tell me you were stalking our discussion at the dining? Or haven’t you gotten past all what he said?

Tunde: its not about what he said okay, the thing is I can’t stand seeing you sitting close to the govt.son, I love you and you’re the best thing that has ever happened to my life, I love you shade and it hurts me anytime you sit close to him.

Me: aww, that’s so romantic, I love you too. But it will be an insult if you don’t come, you know how my dad takes things seriously, he will feel *ssaulted.

Tunde: who cares, as long as I love you… He went and closed the door..

***he came closer and started touching my hair, I wasn’t really thinking straight, which day did he actually start being romantic? but they way he touched me was turning me on… Then he started behaving like a devil, rubbing my neck and my back, I just couldn’t resist anymore until we started kissing, I removed my Shirt, Tunde was just good at caressing my body, he removed his trousers and was left with only his boxers..

Me: Stop, we don’t have to do this okay.

Tunde: But why? You don’t Love me?

Me: Shhhhh….I’m. Hearing footsteps, someone’s coming..

I was so Scared this time, oh no, it was my dad, he was walking towards our room I rushed to put on my shirts but it was too risky and too late because they where actually gaining on us, I knew the governors son deliberately told my dad to come check on us

Tunde: [Whispered] please, carry your clothes and hide under the bed, they won’t see you.

Me: okay, okay.

Dad: Tunde! Open this door!

Tunde: yes sir.

Opens Door

Dad: I sent Shade to call you just so you come dine with us.

Tunde: ah sir, Shade is not here oh… I went to buy parts for the other car and I’m just coming back, maybe she went other places in the house to look for me sir.

Gov.Son: but I saw you and hour ago with shade inside your room?

Dad: what was shade doing inside his room?

Tunde: she gave me her faulty cell phone to check for her sir

Govt.Son:Let’s Search the Room,You know how sensitive your daughter is and This Servant can’t be trustworthy….



Dad; okay, Search The Room


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