Episode 3

Daniel, I hope you’ve heard everything I told you to do,just give her this drink,she will fall unconscious in no time so I will leave the remaining to you,Tina explained looking at Daniel.Of course, everything will go as planned just make sure my money is complete,Daniel replied with his deep voice.

Felicia,this is Daniel,he will be the one to do that thing for you, let me leave the both of you together,Tina said as she looked at Felicia and Daniel.Thank you Tina, Felicia replied as she faced Daniel to have a talk with him.Look Daniel,I am not an promiscuous person,I am just doing this because of my life and my husband’s, Felicia said as she gets emotional. Look,I am a gentle man so please drink this wine and stop crying, Daniel replied as he gave her the glass of wine. Thank you dear, Felicia replied.


Daniel!, Daniel,have you done it, Tina said eagerly waiting for Daniel’s reply. Yes I have, here are the photos, Daniel replied as he gave Tina Felicia photos. Good job,you will receive your money now, Tina replied as she smiles at the photos, soon after she went to wake Felicia up. Felicia,wake up,he has done it and he has gone, Tina said to Felicia.

Thank you so much Tina, I don’t know what I would have done without you,let me be going home now, Felicia replied as she stood up from the bed to put on her clothings. You! You’ve not since anything yet, what you just did, will ruin your entire life,I will make sure I ruin your home for you,Tina said to herself.


YE!,YE!,is this not Felicia!!!!!, Felicia!!! is kissing another man naked in this photo, maybe it’s my eyes that’s playing with me, NO!!!, This is Felicia!!,Alex screamed,which attracted Felicia.



Has Felicia’s life been ruined just like that, what can she do now.


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