Episode 18


Nadia didn’t know how long she spent in her car but when she opened her eyes the sun was almost setting, she has fell asleep due to much crying, she was first confused seeing herself in her car but later everything started to come back to her, it breaks her heart thinking about that incident, her eyes was about to get watered again but she pulled them back, this wasn’t the time to cry, she has to think of something to do.

The ringing of her phone penetrated through her thoughts bringing her out of her trance, she quickly opened her bag searching for her phone that she found after some time, but the call has already ended. She opened her call log and found 27 missed calls, 11 from her mother, 2 from Richard, and the others from some of her friends, she signs tiredly as she called her mother who picked at the first ring, she must have be worried and expecting her call. And to prove her right, Elena worried voice came through the phone.

“ Nadia, whereareyou?, howareyou?, areyousafe?, didsomethingbadhappened?, whyWeren’tyoupickingyourcalls?,” she slurred

“mother, woah” she chuckled, “relax mum, one question at a time and slowly this time”

Elena from the other end seems to calm down a little

“ okey, where are you”, you said you will be here before dinner and yet you aren’t, the sky is getting dark and you got me worried by not picking yours calls”, there was still a pitch of worry in her voice

Exhaling lightly, “ I am inside my car”, she said to answer her first question, then she continued, “I slept off inside my car, and I am fine, you don’t need to worry”,

“ why will you sleep inside your car?, Nadia are you really alright?”, she was confused, something must have happened for her to have slept inside her car. Nadia was not ready to tell her mother what was going on, she got a lot to worry about now and she wasn’t going to add hers to it.

“ mum, nothing is wrong, after visiting my friends, I was coming back but there was a huge traffic and I was so tired that was why I decided to have some rest inside my car, not on the road okey, I parked somewhere, but am on my way now”

“ are you sure you are telling the truth”

“ yea, I am”, there was silent at the other end, she prays her mother doesn’t see through her lies,

“ okey if you say so, the most important thing is to know you are safe, I will be expecting you home soon”

She knew her mother wasn’t conceived but think God she allowed it to pass

“ alright mum”

With that the line went dead, she dropped her phone back inside her bag, she was going to call Richard and her other friends once she gets home, she starts her car and headed home, not wanting to think about anything but to being at home with her family, that matters now.

Getting home she went straight to her room, not wanting her mother to see her as she knew her eyes must be swollen due to the tears that has been pouring out from there, she try not to remember the event that took place that has caused her to cry because she won’t want to cry again attracting the attention of her mother, she has a lot on her plate and wouldn’t want to add to it.

After taking her bath, she came down stair when dinner was served, she tried so much to put in her best smile and a relax expression in the presence of her parents who didn’t notice the pain that is hidden behind her smiles, once in a while she could gales at her parents, mostly her father, she doesn’t know what she will do if anything happens to them but as the thoughts came she quickly push them away, as she don’t want to think about it.

She returned to her room after wishing her parents a lovely night rest, she began calling the few friends that have given her missed calls, after talking to about four of her friends, she called Richard, she didn’t want to call him at first but she knew she has to give him update about what happened, maybe he can find another alternative in the situation. Richard picked after the fourth ring.

“ hello, so sorry, I was doing other things and didn’t hear my phone ringing in time”

Came Richard voice.

“ no problem”

“ so how did it go?, did both of you talked?”

“ well, we did” she drawl

“ what is it?”, he asked noticing the uncertainness in her voice

“ I won’t say everything is fine, because it didn’t go well” she answered sadly

“ tell me what happened”

“Well” and she went on telling him everything that had happened with Richard interrupting her once in a while to express his shock.

“ no there must be a mistake” Richard said as soon as she ended,

“mistake?” she asked confused

There were silent in the other end as Richard was thinking

“ Senator Philip is not the type of man that sleeps with his daughter age mate, yes he is a politician but he doesn’t, I have overheard Mr Donald praising him for that, that was one of the things that makes Mr Donald to have high respect for him”

“ so?” she asked still confuse, if he doesn’t go out with young girls than why will he ask her to sleep with him.

“ yes” Richard exclaim bringing Nadia out of her thoughts

“ he is testing you”

“ what?”

“ yes, this might be a test”

Nadia just believe what she is hearing, Senator Philip testing her, why…

“ and what if its not?”

“ I know it is, and we are going to find out tomorrow, you will call him as he said you should, give him your answer which I already know is a big no and see how he takes it okey”

“ are you sure about this?”

“ not really but let’s give it a try”

“ if you say so, I will call him tomorrow, thanks, I was already going out of my mind”

Nadia could hear him laughing from his end

“ well, I will too if I was in your shoes, just relax, by tomorrow we will know what next to do

“ alright, we will talk tomorrow then”

After wishing each other good night they ended the call.


Ethan came down from his car after the driver has parked just front of senator Philip front door, he was less busy today so he decided to come visit him, he has been given another PA who he also sacked, they all are just incompetent the way he puts it, the front door was open as soon as he rang the door bell, he entered not replying to the greeting of the maid that opened the door.

Senator Philip face lights up immediately he saw Ethan, he wasn’t expecting him to show up today.

“ good afternoon Uncle”

Ethan greeted bowing his head in respect,

Uncle was the name he always calls him when they are alone, they both agreed to it because most of Senator’s friend were using it to gain favour from him and he just didn’t like that also with the Senator, so when they are in public he is to refer to him as Sir.

Because of this most people don’t know the relationship between them.

“ come now boy” he gesture him to sit opposite him with a smile on his face.

“ wasn’t expecting you to come today”

“ I am less busy”

“ I understand, you left very early the other day after the party”

“ yes uncle, I did, I had a lot to take care of so I had to leave early”, he explained himself not wanting to tell him about him sacking Richard.

They both went on to discuss about other things, mostly about business, it has been long that they have had a long conversation, and Senator Philip was missing this. Even though Ethan was not his son, he was fond of him, because they have a lot in common. They were still talking when senator Philip’s phone began to ring, he picked the phone to see that it was Nadia that was call, he smiled, he didn’t expect Nadia to call back, maybe what he heard about her was wrong, she is indeed desperate to get back her father’s company.

“ please excuse me I need to take this call” he said to Ethan who nodded in understanding

“ hello, didn’t expect you to call” he said once he picked the call

Nadia exhale heavily which didn’t pass senator Philip unnoticed

“ yes sir, I called because I get it that you might be waiting for my call since you told me to call back today”

She is right, he did told her to call, “ well, have you thought about what we talked about yesterday?”

He asked not wasting time

“ yes I did”

“ and?”

“ I really want to help my father and of course bring the company up to it’s former glory, but” she hesitated before she continued again summoning courage,

“ I can’t do it by selling my dignity, I want your help so badly but I can’t sleep with you, am sorry sir for disturbing you with my problems, I will find another way out, thank you once again”

A small smile crawl upon his face, you had wrongly judged her

“ if you are not busy, I will like you to come to my house”

“ sir, I can’t do what….”, she was saying but was interrupted by him, “ I would love you to meet someone, the person is sited with me now,” Ethan snapped his head toward him in confusion,.

Nadia contemplated on what he said, is he being real now or is it a trick to lure her to him, but the word of Richard rang in her head, so she made a decision

“ I will be there in 30 minutes”

“ alright then, see you in 30 minutes”

With that the called ended.

“ who was that?”, asked Ethan as senator Philip dropped his phone

“ oh, just someone that want to do business, she just need a little help and I think you are in the right position to help her”

he lied, but not fully, he just didn’t want Ethan to know who was paying him a visit, since Ethan was there with him it will be better both of them meet so he could know what and how to interfere.

“ a she? “ asked Ethan surprisingly

“ yes a she, now back to our discussion”

In no time Nadia was out on her way to Senator Philip’s house, she wasn’t sure if she was making the right decision to go to his house alone to see him after what he requested from her, he might be up to something so that’s why she wrote a very short letter indicating where she is headed to and why she is going there, she gave the letter to one of the maid with the instruction that if she doesn’t return, she should hand over the letter to her mother, but she is to do it if she doesn’t return before the end of that day. Her mother wasn’t around, she went took her father to the hospital for check up, so her parents don’t know where she is heading to and she doesn’t know if she is going to come back unharmed but she is going to trust the word of Richard, that all this might be a test.

What do you guys think will happen next…



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