Episode 7



The door to his office suddenly fling open and Mr Jonathan his father walked towards him in anger, he couldn’t remember when last his father came to his office and today that he decided to come he wasn’t looking happy not that it concerns him, Mr Jonathan hit his hand on the desk,

“ what is wrong with you Ethan, are you out of your mind”,

Ethan looked up to him for few seconds before going back to the document he was writing on,

It was the next day after the visit to Mr William office and he’s already getting a visit from his father,

“ what do you want dad”, he asked unconcernedly without him looking up,

“ how could you do this”

“ how could you ask a man to hand over his daughter’s hand in marriage because of a debt he is to pay, for real Ethan”,

Ethan closed the file, putting his focus on his father,

“ so he ran to you, interesting”

“ there is nothing interesting about this, Ethan this is improper and absurd, grandfather taught you better than this” he said more calmly this time.

“ how will you know what I was taught by grandfather when you wasn’t there, if I remember correctly, you were with your s–t” Ethan said irritatingly, he so not wish to get angry today,

“ stop calling her a s–t, she is my wife and your step mother”

“ your wife you said not mine and step mother not mother, at least there is something we both understand, and as regarding my decision to marry Mr William daughter, you should be happy am getting married, which means you will soon have a daughter in-law “ he snorted,

“ Ethan I know what you are trying to do, and I will say it’s wrong, why will she be the one to pay for it”

“ what are you thinking dad, that I am just doing this for fun, 0h come on, no dad, am getting married to her, and if you are here to talk me out of it, it good you should know that am not stepping down, of coruse if they are able to come up with my money then yes I will call it off, am simply a business man father, this is just business”

“ then let me pay back the money”

Ethan stared at his father, his blood boiled with anger in hearing those words from his father, he got up from his seat and took few steps towards his father, putting both hands in his pocket, he was trying to calm himself down, he wouldn’t want his anger to get the better part of him though he is bad at controlling his anger

“and with which money?, don’t you realize that paying me is equally the same thing I paying myself, its still with my money”.

Mr Jonathan was taken aback by his statement, “ you are my father which means that your company is legitimately mine, and don’t you forget that half of the company is already mine, how did the story go, my mother and you got married and she decided to join her company with yours, So when she died she willed her company to who, me.” He said pointing at himself, “ but I was young so I agreed that you run the company on my behalf, which means that both companies are mine, so don’t push your luck father, I wonder what will happen if that company is divided, and I heard mum’s stock is more higher than everyone’s there” he said with a threatening tone.

Mr Jonathan was speechless at to what Ethan, “ so are we done here” Ethan asked

“ Ethan this isn’t right, and you know it”

“ you are not in the position to advise me” he turned back to his seat, “ this conversation is over” he sat down resting both hands on the desk “ you can see yourself out”

with this he continued with his work on the file. Mr Jonathan wish he could reach out to his son, but he knew the connection between them has long been destroyed, he just thought coming to talk to him might make him to reconsider his decision, he felt for Nadia as she was a good and a nice young lady who can’t cope with his son, his thoughts is Ethan might stood her up on the wedding day to bring humiliation to Mr William, he just hope his thought is wrong, Ethan was going to marry her and he knew it’s going to be hell for her as his son Ethan knows nothing about love or feelings.

After standing there for some few minutes he turn to leave without saying anymore thing, just as he was about to walk out the door, the voice of Ethan stopped him, “ and thanks for passing by” Ethan said, Mr Jonathan ignores this and left the office.


“ sir” Mr Edwards walked into Mr William office holding an envelope on his right hand, Mr William looked up at him, “ what is it” he asked almost immediately he heard his calls, “ sir this arrived not long ago” he said extending it to Mr William who took it from him, “ its from the court “ Mr Edwards completed his statement that made Mr William stopped for a while as he stares at Mr Edwards, Mr William already knew who it was from.

Today makes it the fourth day since Ethan came to his office and the last day that was given to him, he has been trying to get the loan from different places but none was working out, when he called Mr Jonathan and asked for his help, he thought he could be able to talk his son out of it but it didn’t work as planned, his wife has been crying non stop since then and he doesn’t know what to do. He opened the envelope and began to read the content of the letter, it was indeed a court request, he has to come to the court tomorrow by noon, he sign heavily, “ call my lawyer, tell him to meet me now, it’s urgent”



“ yes sir” Mr Edward immediately left to carry out what he was told.


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