Life On Campus

March 15, 2022 Story Teller 2

Episode 1 The activities were on…students tottering all-overthe place,some are relaxing under shades,whilesomewere in hurry to into d available theatres.Emeka andhis friends(Chisom and Chuks) were […]

My Prince Charming

February 6, 2022 Story Teller 0

Written by: Queen Richie_______________________NoteThis is a work of fiction. Names, characters and incidents portrayed in it are the work of the author’s imagination. Any resemblance […]

My S-xcapade

February 6, 2022 Story Teller 0

EPISODE 1 It was a cold night. The stars were out in full force. The winds battling my ship had died down and the salty […]

King Of Gods

February 6, 2022 Story Teller 1

EPISODE 1 Young youth Zhao Feng Morning. Just as the sky lit up, while the whole of Sun Feather City was still hidden in the […]

Stars Of Hotchkiss High School

January 21, 2022 Story Teller 4

EPISODE 1 “Ahh….stop…stop….omg….its burning”. The bitch tony is fcking kept on shouting. “Arrr”. Tony screamed and poured into her. “Worst sx ever, your moans aren’t […]