Episode 8

“Nike, of a truth I married the right man. In fact he was everything I ever needed in a man”. Bimpe said as she continued.

“Hmmm!!”But my major problem was that I couldn’t get the rape scene off my mind.

During our courtship, he thought I was a virgin. I never told him about the rape incidence because I felt he may leave me.

I so much love him to the extent that I couldn’t let go of him. I was so scared of losing him because no suitor had ever asked for my hand in marriage before he came.

Our courtship went on smoothly. Though I hidded a secret from him.

The date of our wedding was fixed. The day came and it was great.

On our wedding day, a fear came to my mind. I became fearful all of a sudden when I remembered my wedding night was locking at my door strongly. I knew he was going to be disappointed in me if he later got to know that I was disvirgined.

During our courtship, I gave a strong law of “no kissing, no sex, no romance before marriage”.

“Hmm!!” the wedding night came too fast. My husband was full of joy knowing fully well that I was all his.

He was so happy marrying me. After sometime, he told me to undress so we could take our bath together. All of a sudden, fear ran down my spine. I told him I was going to bath later. He persuaded me to join him, but I refused.

Without much argument, he went to take his bath. When he was done, I went to take my bath. I spent close to an hour in the bathroom, not just bathing, I was thinking of how that night was going to be. I was confused and trying to process many things in my mind. My husband called me times without number to know if I was fine.

“Well!” I came out of the bathroom. My husband was fully ready for the show, but I was so reluctant.

He reminded me of how I denied him romance during courtship. He reminded me of being legally married to him.

“Hmm!” My husband became sooo impatient. He was bittered. I felt that sign of disappointment in him. He pleaded with me.

After sometime, I agreed with him. You could imagine the joy that flooded his heart. Whereas, I knew fire was on the mountain.

After he was done, he looked at me with shock written all over his face.

“Bimpe, but you told me you’re a virgin? How come?” he blurted out

“So you deceived me? Bimpe you deceived me?” He screamed.

By this time, I was already crying profusely, begging him to hear me out though I knew there was nothing I could do to pacify him.

Yes, I betrayed his trust.

“Bimpe, I am calling this marriage off because I feel there are things hidden from me. You weren’t faithful to me during our courtship period.” He broke the silence.

“I can’t live with an unfaithful woman. So since all this while, you’ve been sleeping with men.

I wasn’t a virgin when I married you and I made it well known to you. In fact, you told me you were okay with me. Why didn’t you tell me your virginity was taken away by your numerous boyfriends?

I am disappointed in you.

I’m done with this marriage Bimpe” He said as he went out.

I didn’t know where he went to. He left that night only for him to return in the morning packing his loads. I pleaded with him with everything I ever had just for him not to take the decision he was about taking, but to no avail.

I got married in less than a day due to the fact that I hidded a secret from him.

The reproach was much. My parents were disappointed in me. They thought I was a whore sleeping around with men.

I never told them my rape incidence. “Well!” as their daughter, they accepted me back to their house .

All attempt to pacify my husband proved abortive. My parents pleaded with him. In fact, many people pleaded with him to accept me back, but he turned deaf ear to them.

“Hmmm!” something actually happened.



“What happened Bimpe?” I asked.


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