Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 17

Here was a girl I loved and was ready to go all the way with and yet she was willing to fuck another guy cos “she wanted to feel like a woman”. That moment I realised something, that “if you haven’t paid for it, then it ain’t yours”. From that moment I began to dislike her a lot. From that moment, every feeling I had for her began to die. I decided there and then to fuck her as much as I could. Since she was interested in giving out her services to others outside, lemme collect my own first.

That fateful day, I let her cook the porridge (my favorite), and we ate together. As we ate we fed each other and I began to plot my move.

I made her sit on my laps as we ate and laughed, then I’d pause at very short intervals and kiss her, at first short and shallow and as time wore on it became long and deep. When we finished eating, she cleared the dishes and came back to sit on my leg. I pulled her closer to me and kissed her…long deep and hard. She opened her mouth and accepted me. As we kissed, I s—-d her soft tender lips, making sure I savored every moment of it. Then I moved my hand towards her shirt and unbuttoned the first two buttons. I made to unbutton the third one when she snapped back to her senses and stood up saying she wants to do her dishes and then left for the kitchen.



As she walked away, I smiled to myself. I knew she wasn’t going to be able to do the dishes because sh she was under severe emotional confusion.


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