Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 19

My aunt do send me to her house to go help her

with some house chores or probably to go pick

something for her cos her shop is not far to her

house. Like I said earlier, Mathew was always at

home, its either he’s watching a movie, playing

video games or sleeping. Sweetest part is that Matthew is always shirtless and putting on just

boxers each time I go their house. The little not

is hot, checking him out, starring at his dangling

d–k in his boxers. So one day my aunt sent me to go cook for her, when I got to her place. I met

Mathew as usual, he came to open the door, I

noticed his d–k was kinda erected, so he was trying to adjust it. I pretended as if I didn’t see it.

I went straight to the kitchen to go make Eba for

my aunt, so I was I boiling water. I went to the

sitting room to join him, on getting there I saw

Matthew watching a p–n I screamed…

Me: Jesus! Mathew began to laugh…..

Mathew: Which one is Jesus? (Laughing) stop

pretending as if you’re holy.

Me: Mathew this is not good for you, you’re still

young. What if your mum finds out.

Mathew: Please don’t tell my mum ooo. In

purposely didn’t stop or pause it cos I know you

like such too…..

Me: Stop that rubbish

Mathew: You better sit down and watch.


Me: You’re spoilt, Matthew of yesterday. So I sat down, I joined him in watching the p–n.

I missed watching stuffs like that. So I was


I sat on the chair while Matthew was

laying on the long couch. We both were watching

it, I became h—y, Matthew too was obviously

h—y. I totally forget what I was doing in the kitchen, while watching it, Matthew and I will both

stare at each other and quickly take our eyes

away. We continued doing that, we would even

smile at each other. So the first p–n finished, he

got up to insert the next p–n cos I told him I

would love to watch more. As he got up, his d–k was fully erected, he was kinda shy and he was

wearing one small boxers like that, so he

reached the DVD player to change it, i just could



not get my eyes off his d–k, before you know it me and Matthew were already…….

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