Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 2

Damilola was the first dude I met on 2go, I was still

new to the system of 2go. He was the first guy I had

sex with from the social networking site,

Damilola is such a cute guy, very handsome, light in

complexion, tall with a very long d–k. How we met, I

think I was in the chat room where everybody was dropping his or her comments, I also dropped my

comment stating that I need cute guys in my area in

Lagos. Well, lot of people added me that day and

Damilola was one of them, he was my favourite

among them, in fact he’s the cutest, I was sexually

attracted to him.

Damilola is a student of a Polytechnic, he’s 20 years old and also lives in

Lagos, we began chatting, we chat almost all the

time and during that time, I just finished my

secondary school, still looking for an admission and

I enrolled in a computer school. Me and Damilola

ended up exchanging numbers, he would call me almost everyday, he calls me at night too for free

midnight calls, I liked him so much but I wasn’t

really in love with him, I was just sexually attracted

to him, I call it “lust”. He asked me out, I accepted,

we began dating, we do have phone sex too, he

asked me if I was still a virgin I lied to him that I was still a virgin of which I am not lol, we exchanged

nude pictures, he actually requested for it first, I

insisted at first but he was really persuading me to

send my nudes so I decided to share my boobs and

my v—-a pics, he sent me his d–k picture too, I

must say when he sent his d–k, fear catch me, his d–k is soo long, his d–k was fair in complexion with

powerful red cap.

I was surprised a 20 year old boy

would have such d–k, well, I loved it cos that’s the

kind of d–k I like as per I have huge boobs and ass.

After 7 weeks or also, he wanted to see me, the

orgy for sex between us was just too much cos its

almost everyday we send nude pics to ourselves

and we do have phone sex too. Damilola has family

living close to my place, so he said he was gonna

come spend sometime with them all because he wanted to see me. Damilola eventually came, I

invited him over to my computer school, he came

visiting me, he bought some chocolate for me, he’s

even looking more cuter in real life than on the

phone. I was so happy to see him, we hugged,

talked and all that, we even kissed sef, he stayed with me till I closed from my computer school.

We both had plans to meet the other day for sex but we

don’t know where we can do it, I remembered my

parents do go to office, my elder brother was in

university and my siblings would have gone to

school, I’m free.

Damilola came over to my computer school very early around 10 or 11am the

following day, so we both went to my house cos my

house is not far from my computer school. We

finally got to my place, I offered him a drink, I sat

down beside him, waiting for him to touch me, we

were kinda shy of whom should make the first move. Then asked me….

Damilola: Do you want it?

Me: want what? He moved closer to me…

Damilola: you know what I mean, stop pretending,

we already talked about it last night now.

Me: I’m shy…

Damilola: I’m also shy, should we not do it?

Me: Let’s try it.

Damilola: Are you sure?

I nodded my head, then he began to kiss me, I

responded, we began to kiss and smooch

ourselves, then he asked me if I’ve locked the gate,

which I’ve done.

We began kissing in the sitting

room, he started squeezing my boobs, I was kinda

shy you know but I liked it. He pulled off my blouse, brought my boobs from my bra and began to s–k

my nipples, gosh, I enjoyed it, he pulled off his shirt,



trouser and boxers and he unleashed his d–k.

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