Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 23

That shame was just too much for me to bear, I

kept crying profusely, they were calling me

names, cos I was little bit popular in my area.

Some of the women begged San Jay to give me

my clothes to wear, he didn’t listen ooo.

Until he walked me and Iyke to my parent’s house, the whole street gathered and there was light.

My parent quickly came out, they were surprised to

see me naked and also the crowd.


started saying things he knows and this he didn’t

know, most the things he said were

heartbreaking lies, over exaggeration just to ridicule me, my mother descended on me and

began to beat me, some of the women quickly

came to rescue. Sanjay went on and on, saying

rubbish, my father shunned him, collected my

clothes from him and walked him out of our


My father began to ask Iyke questions, like his name, age, where he lives

and all that. So father told him to leave and

warned him to stay away from me.

My father just

threw my clothes on the floor and walked inside,

some fools in my street began to mock me that

night, its not their fault, shebi Na Iyke cause am. Honestly I’m to be blamed, my mother pushed

me inside the house, locked the door, some

amebors were still in our compound trying to

know what will happen next, my father got

pissed, he came outside and walked the foolish

people out of our compound politely and locked the gate. My father beat the living hell out of me,

my father dealt with me to the extent that my

mother couldn’t endure it anymore, she began to

beg my father to stop beating me.

I became the latest news in our street, laughing

stock, people talking about, daughter of a pastor,

a rccg pastor for that matter.

Anytime I walk on

the street, people will stare, some will point

fingers at me, the shame was just too much,

even tho some were friendly enough to advise me.

Honestly, I actually thought that was the end

of my failure not until after 8 weeks that

discovered that I was pregnant, I remembered

Iyke didn’t use a condom.

I tried calling Iyke to

inform him about the pregnancy, he hanged the

call on me and warned me never to call him again. To cut the story short, my parent found out about the pregnancy, I confessed it was Iyke who impregnated me, they tried calling Iyke but

he denied it, he insulted my parent, my family.

We tried calling him again but he didn’t pick his

calls anymore ton the extent that he switched off his line.

I went to Facebook to reach out to him, I got to Facebook but he already blocked me.

My parent asked me where he stays, too bad I don’t

know the particular place he stays, they asked

me where I met him, I shamefully told them I met

him through Facebook.

I was a total disgrace to my family, I was impregnated by someone I met

on Facebook, someone I met for the first time,

someone I don’t know his source, someone I

know nothing about.

This is a huge shame for



me and my family, how do I survive this?

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