Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 25

I became fat, my belly was so grown, there was

a time I tried committing suicide. All because my

grandmother got angry with me, she said some

heartbreaking words to me, she really abused

me that day. She did all these out of anger, she

really ridiculed, insult upon insult. Why she got angry was because I was unable to some house

chores and couldn’t follow her to the farm, so

she met me, a 7 months old pregnant girl

sleeping, I was so weak and tired that day. I

don’t know what came over her that day, she

just flared up and began to say hurtful words to me, I was just crying bitterly, I could feel sorrow

in my life. I was so disappointed at my

grandmother cos i took her as my comforter and

confidant, I felt bad, does that mean my

grandmother now despise me too? I tried

committing suicide by hanging myself in the room, I believed I had nothing left in this world,

everybody has turned their back on me. My

family has totally abandoned me. Thank God my

grandmother quickly can to my rescue, she saw

me doing this evil act. She was scared, she

began to beg me, promising she was never going to abuse me again. She informed my parent

about it, instead of them to have pity on me,

they rained insult on me, calling me devil’s child,

calling me a blacksheep.

Few months later, I gave birth to a healthy baby

boy, I never visited any health center for

antenatal or whatsoever. I gave birth to my son

in the room, not in the hospital, it was some old

women that helped me during labour. When I saw

my son, I was so happy, tears of joy, I couldn’t believe that this little thing came out of my body.

All my sorrow turned to joy, I carried my baby in

my arms, I was just full of smiles. There was no

naming ceremony, but a reverend in my

grandmother’s church helped with the child’s

dedication, my son was named Emmanuel. Throughout this period, my parent hardly call me,

they hardly send me money, they abandoned

me, they didn’t even bother to check on me or

their grandchild, maybe because he’s a bastard.

They stopped visiting home for Christmas. I felt

rejected, a rejected stone, is it because my parent are pastors is that why I was neglected? I

became focused, determined to survive without

my parent, my grandmother stood by my side,

she really helped me, she advised me to go

back to school, o continue my education, she

promised to give me money, support me. I declined cos I don’t want to disturb her, how

much was she earning from the petty things she

was selling? But my grandmother insisted I must



go back to school…

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