Episode 11

Tessy drew back, grabbed a bunch of keys lying on the center table and gave to me, smiling sweetly.

“what’s that for?” i asked curiously.
“they are the spare keys for this house. They are yours now. Feel free to move into this place whenever your spirit allows it. You know i don’t have much need for the house but you do. Your current apartment is far from being comfortable. Moreover i can’t afford letting the house waste without any use. I’ll give the housekeeper some instructions concerning you” she said freely, leaving me stunned with her words.
“no no, this is too much i can’t” i breathed with a smile.

Naturally i was a little scared over her motive in giving the house keys to me, but deep down i so much welcomed the gift.. Tessy had always been generous to me but then the events of the past, especially when she accused me of stealing five hundred thousand Naira was still fresh in my mind.

“Val don’t make me feel bad by rejecting the keys” she added strongly. I shrugged and hugged her.

“Thanks, i so much appreciate” i poured out pleasantly.

Deep down, i knew i shouldn’t have accepted the keys, but something i really can’t explain, perhaps greed or not being contented with the little i had made me accept the keys.

“since i’m looking forward to a very lonely future, I guess i have no choice than to hold the only real friend i have tightly” she replied, broke free from me and laughed.
“i guess i have to start going now. I have some things i planned doing today that i’m yet to do” i suddenly announced, surprising her. She slowly sat on her sofa, crossed her legs and stared at me curiously.

“you are running away right?” she asked with a drawn face.
“no i’ll be back much later in the evening” i replied unguardedly, instantly remembering my vow to Adaora.
“fine you can go with my car, so that you won’t have any excuse not to return” she said, throwing her car keys to me.

I got to my apartment twenty minutes later, had a quick shower, freshened up and did a little writing work on my blog before calling Adaora on phone. I told her all about Tessy and how she showed up at my apartment, playing nice and good to me, but what i failed telling her was that I equally went to Tessy’s house, nor did i tell her about the house keys she gave to me.

Yea I forced myself to tell Adaora a bit of the truth because it was in my own interest to do so against any eventuality in future, moreover Adaora had the capability of paying anyone to watch me, and so opening up to her first was to me a great move in holding her trust.
“i seriously don’t know what to say but you are an adult now moreover only a fool will start up another relationship with a woman who almost took his life. I know you are no fool, and so i have nothing to worry about with her presence or do I??” Adaora wrapped up and asked, sending me back into great thinking with her words.

“D–n” I breathed, of course only a fool will try being friends with Tessy after all she did to me. But no!, every other guy would have done the same thing.

“Things are now different with Tessy” I reasoned to and fro. Just that moment, another call came into my phone and it was no other person than Tessy probably calling to ask what was delaying me from returning like i promised.



once again, I was about having a head on collision with my future

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