Episode 13

“Val, thanks for being here. I do appreciate very much. Good night” Tessy said slowly, stood up and breathed deeply. I swallowed hard as i watched her stand with disappointment, struggling within myself not to grab and roughly make love to her.

“Good night” she said again. I nodded and forced out a smile.

“good night dear” i replied calmly. She stared at me one more time before leaving the room while I breathed deeply, fell on the bed and soon slept off waking up at exactly 2am, after having a terrible nightmare.
” I saw myself in a dream being buried alive by a strange man i couldn’t recognise “. It really was so scary, that i sprang up from sleep, breathing heavily.

I hardly paid attention to my dreams but this particular one scared the hell out of me. It even made me offer a quick prayer to God, begging for his forgiveness and mercy.

I finally slept again about an hour later, waking up around 8am with a terrible headache and a very bad feeling i couldn’t understand. It was obvious my spirit wasn’t in support of the night i spent in Tessy’s house.

I quickly freshened up, left the bedroom and headed to the sitting room where i met Tessy talking with her housekeeper. She quickly discharged the middle aged northerner and faced me with a smile.

“good morning Val, i hope you had a wonderful night?, let me go and set up breakfast right away” she said sweetly, but i shook my head, drawing out a sharp gaze from her.

“i have to go home right away. I planned doing many things this morning. We will talk on phone. Take care of yourself. Bye” i spoke fast, walking towards the exit door instantly, as if something was pursuing me.

My action totally surprised her. She couldn’t even mutter a single word until i got to the exit door which was about twelve steps away.
“Val, just wait a second, let me get the car keys and take you home” she suddenly offered. I stopped and turned to face her.
“no dear, don’t worry yourself, it isn’t necessary” I breathed,
“and no dear. I insist to take you home” she mimicked my tone, leaving me with no choice than to accept her offer.

I had to wait extra fifteen minutes before Tessy got set to take me home and that extra fifteen minutes really ruined my life once again because had i not wasted the minutes waiting for her, things that happened soon after wouldn’t have happened.

As we walked towards her car, which was in front of the compound, the housekeeper opened the gate for an older gentleman, who walked in with four fierce looking policemen and closed in on us. Tessy quickly froze with shock.



“that’s my ex husband, what’s he doing here?” She said softly, grabbing my left hand strongly. But before her words could even register in my head, the gentleman closed in and gave me a very resounding slap.
“officers, arrest the young boy” he ordered the policemen who quickly held and handcuffed me.

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