Episode 16

“no not my mother. Don’t involve her, i beg of you” i begged passionately, trying hard to change the man’s mind.

Involving my mother was like driving a stake through my chest but unfortunately the men standing before me failed to realise it. The elderly police officer, simply shook his head in disbelief.

“young man, you are being offered a chance to go home without charges and you are still trying to waste our time” he scolded me, ordering a female constable who just showed up that moment, to take my phone and call my mother.

In a matter of seconds, my handcuff was removed, i nervously dialled out my mother’s phone number and gave to the female officer who quickly called my mother, telling her to abandon everything she was doing and come over to the police station to bail me out. I couldn’t hear my mother’s reply but it was so agonizing listening as the female officer talked to her.

“she’s on her way but it’s going to take a while before she gets here. She’s in Enugu” the female officer addressed the men after speaking with my mother.
“gosh i can’t wait. My brother you have to take over from here. When the woman shows up, release the boy to her but first tell her exactly all i told you when we spoke last night. Also narrate to her where we got her son this morning. Let her know that she raised a terrible son. I have to leave for Abuja right away. I have to go get my kids before that b.itch runs away with them” Tessy’s Ex husband addressed the elderly police officer before hurriedly leaving for Abuja.

I was soon dragged into one of the empty rooms in the police station, where i stayed and waited for my mother to show up.

“If your mum didn’t get here before 4pm you will be thrown into the cell” one of the junior officers said to me as he locked me inside the empty room where i stayed and hopefully waited.

At exactly 3:55pm, a female officer led my mother to the room where i was detained.
I really felt so ashamed to look my mother in the face. The anger in her eyes was equally very apparent as she looked at me strongly.
She gave the female officer a knowing look. The officer understood, smiled and left us alone.

“I have secured your release but i must tell you that i’m so, so disappointed in you. I doubt if you are truly my son and believe me, i must carry out a DNA test to confirm if you are, because i don’t know if you were switched at the hospital when i was still in labour pains. My blood can’t behave the way you are doing” she said seriously, with tears melting her eyes.
“you left home just to be with a married woman. I can’t keep covering for you anymore. From this moment, i will no longer pressure Adaora into marrying you. In fact i’m going to tell her everything that happened today. I can’t sacrifice the poor girl’s happiness over my personal interest. Good luck with your life” she poured out, turned and left with tears….



I felt totally DEAD.

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