Episode 29

“hmmmm I hope i’m not missing something?” Chinwe asked with a suspicious smile as soon as Tessy disappeared down the hallway. I laughed nervously, expertly concealing the tension in me.

“no dear you missed nothing” i answered and led her to my apartment.

We ended up sleeping beside each other on my bed but we did nothing than to chat endlessly until sleep won us over. Yea it wasn’t my first time of sleeping with her without any form of sexual encounter between us and It also wasn’t as if i didn’t have the urge to make love with her. It was just that i didn’t want to continue taking advantage of her poor heart or giving her hope that could break her fragile heart later in future. Deep down my spirit was still restless and my love or should i say what i felt for Adaora was still stronger than what i felt for her. But one thing i was yet to figure out was between she and Adaora who loved me the most.

Of course i had no doubt that they both loved me, notwithstanding that technically i wasn’t anymore in a relationship with any of them.

Early the next morning, Chinwe and I headed to her home to see her family. It really was a long drive but worth it at the end. The reception that greeted us on arrival was so warm and breathtaking. Chinwe’s mum received us with open arms, so was everyone in the family.

“you know, you two look very good together” Chinwe’s brother chipped in as we settled for lunch an hour later.

I spent quite a considerable amount of time with them before heading back to Owerri in the evening. As I drove, i couldn’t help but reflect on Chinwe’s last words before i left her home.

“Val you are such a nice guy but your only weak point is women. You are not getting any younger. Please just change and stop living the life you will regret when you get old. I’m willing to help you. I’m willing to sacrifice anything to put you back on the right track. You need help. Let me help you. Allow me to change you. You don’t even go to church. Please i beg of you, don’t discard what i just said. You can’t change on your own. Think things through”She begged solemnly, getting me so emotional that i didn’t even know when tears dropped from my eyes in her presence.
I swallowed hard as i remembered how my sexual life all started. It was just by divine intervention that i managed to get home without running under a truck….



Early the next day, i grabbed the house keys Tessy gave me and headed to her house to return it. My mind was well made up to end everything with her that very morning. I was so sure of my decision.
This time around, it wasn’t like the previous times i made such decision only swallow everything at the end… I was so d–n serious about ending it with her that very morning.
On getting to Tessy’s house, I noticed a brand new SUV parked outside. I paid no attention to it and headed straight to the sitting room without hesitation.
I gently walked into the sitting room without knocking, because the entrance door was open but instantly froze with shock as i ran into Tessy’s proclaimed Ex husband as he was heading out of the sitting room at the same time i was heading in. We both froze as we stared at each other with disbelief.
“no not you again” the man screamed as soon as he regained his composure, grabbing my trouser as if he just caught a criminal.

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