Episode 39

“now listen up. I’m not saying you should go buy a ring and put on her finger right away, but instead you should work faster towards it by being nicer, kinder and more romantic towards her. Then whenever a great opportunity presents itself, quickly propose to her in front of your family. I believe the little love she has left for you won’t allow her to say no or reject you in front of your family. What Adaora needs from you is a big commitment move to reassure her of her position in your life. And you better act fast before someone else gets her heart. Women do move on easily than men. I hope you know?” Tessy poured out while my head swelled with excitement.

“thanks for the great advice. I still can’t believe all those beautiful words came from you. You are really helping me win back Adaora” i said with a smile, while she shook her head.

“yea but you should also know that as it was easy for me to figure out a way to build up your relationship with Adaora, i can easily figure out a way to destroy it a hundred times over, if you dare abandon me in the end. All i want is for you to settle down with the right woman, so that you won’t have any excuse to play me around again since i have seen that i can’t marry you” she said seriously. I breathed deeply and said nothing. Of course i knew she meant every word.

We retired to her bedroom soon afterwards where we engaged in a hot sex session. We f—-d each other until we lost our breathe. Yea, Tessy never seemed to get enough of it. The more i f—-d her, the more she fell in love with me, the more she was willing to do anything for me. I equally was slowly getting used to her body, especially her beautifully curved b0s0ms which i always used like a feeding bottle.

Early the next day, i got ready to leave but Tessy warned me against it.
“you have to wait till evening, unless you are willing to explain to your Adaora where you spent the night or perhaps the reason you took a night ride. She knows you well, so i advise you wait till evening, at least that will cancel any suspicion whatsoever” she advised me…

Finally by 6:25pm, i found myself in Adaora’s Abuja family residence. I nervously made my way to the sitting room where Adaora was watching a T.v programme with her mum.
She instantly grew tense on seeing me while her Mum smiled politely. Tessy’s words of Advice poured back into my head that exact second.

Of course i had a great task ahead. But I had to first work myself into Adaora’s mother’s heart, try my best to rekindle the woman’s support, then re establish a connection with Adaora and finally find a way to get her together with my family where i will pop the question of the century.
“will you marry me??”. It was such a huge task which had just a fifty percent chance of working, but i was hopeful. I was sure of myself.



“oh what a fool i have been, playing chess with my life” i said to myself as i stared at Adaora’s beautiful face, swallowing hard with regret.
“dear Lord, i know i’m the greatest sinner on earth. I know my actions are always stupid and unworthy. But i beg of you. Help me” i prayed silently…..
“mum i can’t believe you invited him to the house?. I thought you weren’t serious when you mentioned it. C’mon my life can’t continue revolving around Val. I don’t know the promise or arrangement you made with his family but i’m no longer interested” Adaora suddenly shouted at her mum, got up and left the sitting room with rage.
Her behaviour was unexpected but i wasn’t surprised by it…

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