Episode 4

“guy you know i’m trying to start a new life. I just don’t want to have anything to do with my past anymore. You won’t believe this but i have actually removed all the ladies i once dated from my memory. I’m about starting a new life” i replied quietly.
“including Chinwe and that twin girl you f—-d before coming home huh?. You have deleted everything abi??” he asked with a dirty smile. I shrugged, smiled and looked down.

“apart from Chinwe and the twin girl” i admitted slowly.

“so what’s really going on between you and that girl. I mean the twin?. You really said quite a lot about her when we chatted some days ago” he asked anxiously.

“i can’t really say for sure the kind of relationship we are practising. She’s a good girl and we are just friends” i confessed.
“anyway how do i go about with Tessy’s demand. You know the money involved is quite a huge sum i can’t ignore?” he quickly returned to the old topic.

“i know you will sell me for money huh?” i accused while he laughed.

Three days later, i headed back to Owerri with Frank. It really wasn’t easy convincing my mother to let me travel but in the end she had no choice than to let me be. After all i was an adult and a man.

“i can’t stop you from leaving but don’t let friends deceive or run your life for you. Everyone has his own life to live, i trust you” she advised as i kissed her goodbye.

On getting to Imo state, Frank begged me to drive over to Joy’s family house instead of heading straight to Owerri {the Imo state capital}. I felt like asking him some questions about Joy but on a second thought decided to keep my questions to myself.

My friend’s relationship with Joy really was full of mysteries. But the most shocking part of it all was learning that my good friend used part of the money he made from his National service to pay part of the girl’s dowry. Of course he hid the whole affair from me until much later when he mistakenly mentioned it.
Frank hardly kept things from me but i noticed he virtually kept everything concerning Joy from me. Just like i said in the previous season, the girl was way below my friend’s level. The only thing she had in her was just beauty. Her family background and education was very poor, nevertheless Frank loved her and always had something good to say about her. At a time he once told me that the girl do send part of her salary as a salesgirl to him, plus so many unbelievable tales of her good deeds but as a guy i knew when to pick out lies from a statement…

Deep down i knew something wasn’t right in the relationship but since i never accepted the girl as the ideal woman for my friend, i felt my feelings were one sided and so kept everything to myself.
“since we are heading to Joy’s house, i believe we will first stop at your house which is along the way?” i asked, breaking the silence between us.
“no drive on, there’s no need stopping at my house” he answered.

On getting to Joy’s house, we noticed about three cars parked in front of the building. Frank’s face instantly coloured up as we headed into the compound. A little girl soon dashed out of the building, holding a small garden egg with her left hand.
“hey what’s happening inside?” Frank quickly asked the little girl.

“the people inside came to marry sister Joy” she replied in vernacular while my friend froze with shock. I simply watched on, not understanding a thing.



Of course my dear friend Frank knew much more than he was willing to share with me and I just couldn’t understand the reason he preferred keeping things concerning Joy away from me, knowing fully well that he was dealing with an illiterate family that only wanted to sell their beautiful daughter to the highest bidder….

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