Episode 42

I left Adaora’s house with my head high but deep down i was so wounded. I equally had no destination in mind as i left, but i never gave it any thought until i was out in the street.
Standing on the busy road, i stared at my watch a dozen times as i debated in my mind whether to see Tessy or not. Luckily my phone rang that exact moment and it was no other person than Tessy who was calling.
“so what’s up?” she asked as i answered the call.

“fine, i’m standing on the road right now. I just left Adaora’s house?” i answered.
“how?, i don’t understand. Is everything alright?” she asked with concern.
“not really” i answered.
“can you come over to my house?” she asked.
“yea” i answered.
“right away?” she asked.
“yup” i answered.
“fine, i’m waiting” she said and hung up.

I got to Tessy’s house twenty minutes later and nervously recoiled on seeing her with Elinor in the sitting room. Elinor was definitely the last person i expected to see and her presence kind of made me extremely uncomfortable.
“Jeez Val, what a surprise. I’m now your enemy huh” Elinor greeted jokingly, but i couldn’t help but read meaning into her words.
“so what’s up?, you really look nervous” Tessy asked sweetly.
“let’s talk somewhere private please” i answered, ignoring Elinor. She shrugged and stood up.
“let’s go to my room then” she said softly, leading the way.

On getting to her room, i opened up my heart and told her all that happened in Adaora’s house, plus my new decision. She listened attentively and when i was done with the story, held me softly.
“you know Adaora has always been part of your life. Are you sure you can live without her?. Perhaps i should help you speak to her. You know how convincing i can be” she offered plainly.
“no let’s just forget about Adaora. I don’t blame the girl. I really messed her up and i equally messed up my life. I have no choice than to live with it” i murmured with resignation.
“oh dear” she breathed, drew forward and hugged me.
“only if she knows how much a good person you are. Anyway you still have a lot to accomplish in life. I know you will be a great person” she concluded sweetly….

I spent the rest of the day in Tessy’s house with the plan of returning to Owerri the next day. I however refused going out with her, instead got myself busy with my website after she left the house with her friend Elinor.

Later in the night Tessy and i had shower together before settling on her bed for another night of hot passion, but unlike the last time, i really wasn’t in the mood for it.
“i talked to a friend about your interest in movies & T.v. She promised to get in touch with a friend who is a movie director and presenter. I think moving up to Abuja and kick starting your career here should be your top most priority” she said softly as she caressed my entire naked body, stopping at my half erect d–k to sU-Ck some life into it. I groaned with pleasure, saying nothing to her suggestion.

“i know i will have a lot to benefit if you become a star. Don’t you think so?” she asked, bit my d–k softly, got up and lowered her k—y over my exposed d–k, forcing me to jerk up with fear as i felt the hotness of her waist.



“wait let me get a condom” was the next words that excaped my lips immediately….
“no i want it this way. I want to feel the real you” she insisted.
“no” i breathed.
“what?, are you scared i’m going to get pregnant or something else?. C’mon don’t insult me” she pushed on, forcing me back down on the bed with her hands and sealing my lips with hers. I roughly pushed her away, almost hurting her in the process.
“we can do anything except having sex without protection” i quickly resisted without caring how hurtul my words sounded. For the first time, Tessy picked up herself and left the bedroom without saying any single word to me. Of course i needed no asking to know that she was very hurt.

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