Episode 6

“We need to take him to the hospital. Please we have to go right away” she added seriously, looking at Frank who nodded with a serious face.

“okay are we taking him to Owerri?” he asked nervously.

“no we have a hospital we have been visiting since last year at the local government headquarters” she answered, standing with the sick Child in her arms. Frank quickly signalled at me to open my car door with a pleading look. I had no choice than to comply.

The woman slowly got into my car with her child while Joy rushed out from the house to join us. Together we all headed towards our local government headquarters which really wasn’t very far away….

Fifteen minutes later, we were at a private hospital, opposite the Local government Secretariat. Luckily We were quickly attended to by the nurses before Joy’s mother left us at the reception hall to see the doctor.
As soon as we were alone, Frank dragged his girlfriend out of the reception hall in a very rude manner, forcing me to curiously follow them, in order to prevent my friend from misbehaving. Of course i knew he was still boiling with anger over the events of the previous day.

“how could you do this to me?. You were expecting a new suitor yesterday and you never told me about it??. Perhaps it was the reason you have been avoiding me lately. Tell me, how long have you known the guy and how long have you been sleeping with him?” he asked furiously, holding her wrist very strongly. She screamed with disgust, shaking her at the same time.

“Frank why do always derive joy in hurting me??. You didn’t even respect the fact that we are in the hospital. I just can’t take it, you don’t consider my feelings before pouring out anything to me” she breathed with a coloured face.

“i feel like slapping you right now but we are in the hospital and i can’t do that. You w—e” he cursed effortlessly while i gasped with shock. Joy instantly pushed him, breaking free from his grasp.

“you are fond of cursing and making irrational comments. You never cared to know how things happened yesterday before concluding. Fine it’s cool, just leave me alone” she screamed at him, turned and ran back into the hospital reception hall while i instantly faced my friend with a look of disbelief.

“don’t look at me that way because you have no clue what’s going on here” Frank kind of shouted at me before going after his girl.

I slowly followed after some minutes, running into them at the reception hall with Joy’s mother who looked totally worried. I slowly drew close to listen as she addressed Frank.
“my little boy is going to be staying here for a while. The doctor said it’s very necessary, so that his life could be saved but the issue right now is money. They want me to make a deposit of five thousand Naira. I have already paid two thousand Naira for the blood and urine test they are about to perform” she complained to Frank who really could have used the time spent in fighting with his girl to figure out something to do, since he already knew he had a big role to play that morning and had no money on him, but i guess his emotions took control of him or something…..



I simply folded my hands and watched on…

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