What Goes Around (Complete Story)



Episode 6

“Hello Goddy, I just got a mail from the pathologist. You will really want to read this” inspector Tersoo announces.

Turning round to look at his colleague and friend, Godwin receives the laptop from him and places it on the desk. Tersoo grabs a seat as both parties peer into it.

“Oh, it’s a copy of the autopsy that was carried out on Jason Jnr. It says he died of poison from rodenticide and traces of kerosene were also found though not so much to cause extensive damage that killed him”

“He said he would be glad to welcome us if we have any questions so I think we should visit him” Godwin suggests.

Twenty minutes later, they are sitting with the pathologist. After pleasantries, he leads them to the corpse.

It has a Y shaped incision mark from the two shoulders, they join at the sternum and go all the way down the pubic bone.

” Okay, here we are” Dr. Luter begins.

“From the external examination that was carried out, some scars were noticed on the baby’s head. Scars that looked like they were gotten from blade cuts. They are eleven in number but not so big. Almost unnoticeable if not carefully looked at. ”

The police officers lean over to take a look.

” As you can see from the incision, an internal examination was also carried out. Brodifacoum was quantitated in his liver, spleen,lungs,brain, bile and heart blood using HPLC with fluorescence detection.”

” Dr. Please can you break this down so we will understand?” Godwin asks.

” What I’m trying to say is, traces od rodenticide, rat poison were found in his organs. That was the major cause of his death. You see, the kerosene that was suspected to have caused his death were found only in his mouth, down his oesophagus a little reached the stomach. Whoever did this knew they had limited time. They probably thought of a very fast way of getting rid of him but why they still used kerosene is one thing I can’t comprehend”

“This is getting more complicated than I thought. Why would anyone want to kill a baby this young? Why would they use rat poison? Why did they also give him kerosene after the deadly rat poison?” Tersoo laments aloud.

” Well, officers, I think that’s your duty to find out. I’ve done my bit and I hope this information is useful.” The pathologist says dismissively.

On their way back, they decide to pay the Jasons a visit but let certain things be confidencial at the moment until more findings are made.

” Welcome officers, please have a seat.” Jason ushers them in.

” Thank you. How have you been holding up?” The inspector enquires.

” Hmmmm. What can I say? It was an unfortunate and unexpected event. It has really taken a toll on us and my wife has broken down too. She’s sleeping inside, the doctor gave her some medications to help her rest”

” My condolences once again. We would have liked to ask her a few questions but since it’s so, we shall be back.

Meanwhile, did you at any point notice any blade cuts or scars on your son’s head? ”

” Scars? No. Is the autopsy report out? What does it say?”

” Not really, my colleague here mentioned that he saw a tiny scar on the baby’s head when he was about to be taken for the autopsy.”

” Okay. Anything else I need to know?”

” Not at the moment but we will fill you in as the investigations give head ways.”

With that, the police men leaves and heads for the temporal home Sewe was kept while investigations are ongoing.

” Before I ask you this question young girl, I need you to know we are here to help you. We are trying to save you from being taken away and locked up because of what happened to Jnr. We are your friends and you can trust us okay?” Godwin starts

Sewe nodded and he continues.

” For the times your aunt left you with Jnr and you carried him, did you notice any cut on his head like a razor cut?”

She flinches and her eyes betray her.

” I, I don’t know” she hesitates.

” Calm down, we are trying to help you. We know what happened between you and your aunt and we are trying to help you so you won’t suffer it again but you have to trust us. We need you to tell us the truth so we can help you”

Sewe breaks down crying.

“Uncle I beg I dey sorry, na devil work. Aunty been the beat me everytime, even when I no do anything. She go beat me come course me and my mama.”

” Okay, so what happened?”

” I..na one day were she beat me say I drink Jnr milk but I no drink am. Nain the thing come pain me well well, I cry. I come use razor cut Jnr small for head. Uncle abeg I dey sorry.”

” Okay, but the cuts were more than one”

” Yes, after that day, any day were she beat me like that, I go carry razor cut him head when she no dey and she been no the know because she no the always carry am”

” Did you also give him kerosene to drink? ”

“No uncle, I swear, I no give am kerosene. Na only the ramzor I cut amabeg uncle help me. I no want die. I no go ever do am again”

Tersoo and Godwin make a last stop at Stella’s house. It’s a neighborhood that isn’t so developed and has a lot of old houses with terrible drainage.

” Officers, please come in.”

“Thank you madam. We would like to have a word with you.”

” Okay sir.”

” Tell us, how well do you know Becky?”

” We met after she got a shop next to me like I mentioned earlier on. As time passed, we became very good friends.

More like sisters. We shared ideas and secrets. Not until that day the whole misunderstanding started”

” Talking about secrets, did she tell you anything that suggests she’s capable of murder? ”

” Becky is a very nice person. She won’t delibrately hurt anyone. Though she once mentioned being pregnant for her husband once before they got married but he wasn’t ready yet and made her abort it. It led to a few complications and she thought she was never going to conceive again but she finally did.”

“She said that to you? ” Tersoo asks.

“Yes sir. ”

“Okay, that will be all for now. ”

As they get up to leave, Godwin asks.

” With the kind of waste bin outside the house, don’t you people get disturbed by rats?”

” Well, they are our room mates here. Once in a while we try to get rid of them but they never stay away” she says smiling.

” Whoa! What do you use?”

” There’s this rat poison I normally buy. It’s been working for me for a long time now”

” I’ve actually been having same issues but it’s difficult finding a good killer for them, maybe you can spare one from the one you still have”

“No, I don’t have any now”

” Okay then. Thank you for your time.”

Both of them get up and take a few seconds to look round before reaching the door. Just then, Godwin’s eyes fall on a sachet of rodenticide slightly covered by the curtain hung on the window close to the outer door.

” Could this be it?” He asks as he picks it up.

” Oh, yes. How come it’s there? Didn’t realize I still had any left. ”

Looking at the ingredients written on the sachet, Inspector Tersoo turns to face her.

“Okay, Miss Stella, you will have to come with us to the station. I will also suggest you contact your lawyer ”

” Ah ah , I don’t understand sir. What have I done?”

” The autopsy report for late Jnr Jason suggests that he was killed using a rodenticide. You were in that house same day of the incident after almost a year of visiting. Here, we have found a rat poison with same active ingredient as what was traced in the deceased. Ma’am, you have some questions to answer and due to the peculiarity of this case, you will be in our custody.”

” No, I know nothing about it, let me call my lawyer”



They lead her out in cuffs.


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