Episode 11

I tried turning her over for the cross style but the door got opened and I was finally caught in the act by my sister.

My sis just [email protected] the door at once. I couldn’t alter a word.

My d–k instantly shrunk in Lilian’s apple and dropped out. I could not even ejaculate.

I was too bored. How can I just f–k this girl in just two minutes for the whole amount I have spent on her? I said to my self. I knew she was spending the whole night in my room so I thought of f—–g her again in the night ones my ‘pendrive’ gain energy.

I took my phone out and took some nude pics of Lilian .

Few minutes later I slept off. Just around 2:19am, deep in the night Lilian woke me up.

She was too angry after realizing I have slept with her.

Lilian: Albert, are you crazy. Did you sleep with me.

Me: (frowning) Yea. What’s wrong with that. Are you not my girlfriend?

Lilian: if I am, do you have to sleep with me without my conscience.

And did you even wore a condom.

Me: am sorry. But yea I wore a condom.

Lilian stared and search through my eyes and kissed me. I was a little surprised.

She held my d–k and this time kissed me deeply. She pulled down my boxer shot and took my singlet off. She was pulling my d–k up and down. I was gradually erecting but I told her to excuse me for a minute. I was thirsty so I left to the kitchen to take some water without even bothering to take my boxer on.

Surprisingly as I opened the door of the kitchen Susan was in there holding a bottle of water.

She was in her night wear without a pant.

Me: sorry for intruding (turning back to leave the kitchen)

Susan: Don’t worry, you can come and take what u came for.

I went straight to the deep freezer , opened it and took some sachet water.

I drunk it fast and dropped the rubber in the dustbin. As I was about to move out Susan held my shoulder and glace at my d–k.

Susan: can we (closing her eyes)
I looked straight into her eyes, access her boobs and could not resist.

I lifted her straight away onto one of the kitchen tables, lifted her night wear and dug straight into her butterfly.

In fact Susan was too sweet. She asked for the f–k on the flow three minutes later which I did.

She called for another position ‘the doggy style’ which I gave it to but that was very sensitive. In just four minute I drop my whites.

I slept on her while gasping for air.
Was so weak and tired.

While we were about to depart my dad called Susan in a light tone from the hall and was approaching the kitchen door.

We were panicking. My dad called her again and Susan responded from the kitchen. We could hear my father getting close to the door. I opened the deep freezer, entered it while Susan closed it. Susan was very smart. She put off the switch to the freezer and adjust the handle with a little spoon so I can at least get a little air.

I was really feeling like a corpse in the mortuary.

Dad opened the door gently

My Dad: hey what is keeping you so long in the kitchen.

Susan: (murmuring ) I was lazy after taking the cold water.

My Dad: (coming close to the freezer) yea…I need a cold water myself.
He held the handle and as he was about to open susan held his hand.

I could her them licking their tongues.

My Dad: I have to go urinate.
He left to the washroom.

Susan took a bottle of water and rushed to the living room to prevent my dad coming to the kitchen again.

I was almost turning to ice block.
Was too cold and shivering.

I got out of the freezer and hide under the table in the kitchen .

After my dad got out from the washroom at the other side of the kitchen I guess he saw Susan in the hall and they both walk to their room.

I thanked God after and run to my room.
Lilian was sitting on the bed feeling bored and angry.

She needed some hot rounds of s-x from me..

Lilian: oo so it took you a whole thirty minutes to just take a cup of water..

Me: sorry, I went to the washroom after and had a shower.

Lilian: OK , I hear…(leaning on my chest) feel too cold.

Me: yea, don’t know what is happening to me..have been feeling too cold after I walked out from the shower (my mouth shaking).

Lilian: sorry…I love you Albert.
Lilian was gradually falling for me. I like her anyway but I was confused. I didn’t actually know if she wanted to play with me or she was really falling in love.

I kissed her and we return to bed till it was 4:30 dawn when I drove her back to her hall on campus.

I decided to see Adinkra in his room before going back.

I walked to his door, knocked and it was comfort who opened the door.
( Half naked only in Adinkra’s one yard cloth.)

I greeted her and asked of Adinkra but was told he was at the study room studying.



I called him but he didn’t respond to the call and I drove back home.


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