Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 20

{Mystic Doorbell}

I looked around and saw that Dandy was

not in sight

” do you really think that me saving tabitha


a coincidence” i said getting his attention

” what do you meant by that” he asked

coming back to me

” the reason I was able to save Tabitha

was because I am a psychic and can feel it

when someone is near death” I said

mustering all the seriousness i could

mustered and channeled it into my voice

“you’re lying right, you just want me to

accommodate you” Ranking said with a

shaky voice

“no am not, and currently your two

daughters life are in danger and I’ve to be

around them in order to be able to avert it

or they will die” i said looking more serious

like a fortune teller

” no,you’re just trying to playing on my

intelligence, Dandy” he screamed

” then the girls will just die like Precious did

11 years ago when you reversed your car

and mistakenly hit her” I swiftly said before

Dandy got to where we were.

The purse in his hand suddenly fell down

and Ranking’s mouth was opened looking

at me like he’s already lost it.

” oga wetin I happen” Ranking said running

to where we were standing.

” nothing, go back to your post” he said to

Dandy with a shaky tone and Dandy

returned at once.

“how do you know about precious” he

asked me with a sober tone

” that is not the right question, the right

question should be, what is my connection

with your family because I myself doesn’t

know it, but I always feel and know

everything happening to your family in my

subconscious state” i said confusing him


He surveyed me from my head to toe before

speaking again

“and when are they going to be in danger”

he asked glaring at me

” i don’t know but when i feel that someone

is going to be in danger, it always happen

within the period of two weeks” i lied


He became silent for sometime then after

deliberating within him if he should accept

me or not ,he came to a conclusion and

spoke out.

” I can only take you in if you’re going to

follow all the rules am going to give you ” he

said with a disturbing look

“okay i will follow everything” i replied him


” firstly, you will become my daughters

personal bodyguard which am going to be

paying you for it, and secondly, if after two

weeks and nothing happen to my

daughters,you’re going to be kicked out of

the house and lastly, as i know you knew

that you’re extremely handsome and I don’t

trust that my wife and daughters will be

able to resist you if you approach them,

that’s the reason i was against giving you

accommodation before, but it seems am left

without a choice now. So you must never

approach my wife or daughter and if by

mistake, anyone of them approach you,

especially my wife ,make sure you resist

them” he ordered and i replied him that i

will obey his rules

“and if i remember another one ,i will inform

you ,let go inside while we discuss your

payment tomorrow” Ranking added going

inside the house and i followed him.

I met only Yemi inside the sitting room

watching movie, the two girls were

nowhere to be found.

Ranking sat with Yemi and asked me to help

myself to one of the seat inside the sitting

room which I did. Yemi’s gaze was

transfixed on me as soon as i sat on one of

the chair in the sitting room

“honey meet Ben, the savior of our

daughter” Ranking said when he noticed


“so ,this is the handsome fellow that save

Tabitha, he looked more handsome in reality

than on news” Yemi said with a tone that

made me excited, because I knew she’s

supposed to be angry with me for spoiling

her plan but here she is looking at me like

she adore me.

“yeah” Ranking replied

” if you had followed us to the police station

this morning, you’d have seen him ”

Ranking added

“but is he from here,because he doesn’t

even look like a foreigner not to talk of

being a Nigerian” Yemi said with a confused


I knew Ranking would have already being

regretting his decision, I haven’t used up to

an hour in his house and his wife is already

hitting on me,

“lets forget about that for now, we will

discuss more about him tomorrow, get him

something to eat” Ranking ordered Yemi


“okay” yemi replied

” Mona Lisa”! Yemi screamed thrice and an

ugly looking short girl ran to the sitting


Even without being told, I already knew that

she was the housemaid ,her appearance

said it all unlike Sophia.

“madam na me be this” Mona Lisa said as

she entered the sitting room

“where were you since that I was shouting

your name” Yemi screamed at her angrily

“I’M sorry madam, I am wash plate inside

kitchen and did not hearing that you calling

me” she replied Yemi with soured English, i

almost laughed as she made me remember

the stupid officer Victor their English were

almost the same .

But I was surprised with the maid, the last

time I was in the house ,their was no maid

and in just three days, an EnglishProfessor

inside the house.

I almost asked them when they brought in

an housemaid but cautioned myself.

Yemi hissed loudly at the maid and directed

her attention to me

( what will you like to have daring”? Yemi

asked in a seductive which made started

fearing for my stay inside the house at once.

I looked at Ranking’s face and saw that it

still had “i will soon kick you out of this

house” expression

” what will you like to have “? Yemi repeated

the question when I seemed not to answer

her the first time

“i’m okay with anything” I answered her

almost inaudible.

” okay, get him fried rice, plantain,chicken

,sauce beef, and salad ” Yemi ordered the

maid and the maid disappeared from the

sitting room.

” as per Tabitha recommendation that he’s

skilled and can fight,and also good with

disarming his opponent, I’m going to

employ him as the girls personal bodyguard

and he will be staying with us for the main

time” Ranking said with regret lurking in his


“you mean he is going to be living with us”

Yemi screamed excitedly.

That was when it occurred to me what Yemi

was trying to do, she’s trying to use the

jealousy key against me, she want Ranking

to kick me out by making him jealous of me ,

and I might be wrong but I’m not sure yet,

but out of all what Ranking said, how is it

that it was

“you mean he’s going to be living with us

“that she was able to scream excitedly

thereby cutting my lifeline short.

Ranking brought out his phone and dialed a

number on it without minding his wife


“come downstairs with your sister, I’ve a

surprise for you two” he said to the

recipient before terminating the call.

After some seconds ,the elevator inside the

house dung and the two girls came out of it

with only bum short and top bra on.

Tabitha was very beautiful and cool, I felt all

the feelings that I’ve locked when I was still

an angel unlocking at once.

She was surprised to see me likewise Nina

too, Nina must have seen me in the TV and

recognized me.

” meet your new bodyguard, Ben Manna”

Ranking introduced me to the girl

” what”! The two girls exclaimed in unison.

” with what happened to you and your

narration about how he saved you, I’ve

scout and recruited him as your personal


“thanks dad” Tabitha shouted and jumped

on her dad

“you’re the best dad, now i gat the chance

to pay him properly for what I did to him”

she added joyously while Nina just stood

where she was not knowing if she should

also be happy or sad, but she stood there

glaring at me like she is seeing a ghost.

Tabitha suddenly knelt in front of me

“I’M sorry once again for last time, please

protect my twinie and I very well” she

pleaded folding her two hands together and

I smirked .

” looks like I’ve seen you from somewhere ,

a long time ago ” she suddenly said looking

into my eye scaring the shit out of me.

” he saved you, so you’ve already seen him

before” Ranking interrupted and I heaved a

sigh of relief.

“no dad, I think I saw him inside of this

house many years ago” she said making my

heart to skip a beat

” I think I remember “! She suddenly

exclaimed making my face to become pale at




” he is the person I saw the day I .


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