Episode 6

Tiffany’s slim legs carried her real fast but I was gaining quickly too, I was already within arm’s reach. I grabbed her arm and made her stop, she turned and buried her face in my chest, and I hugged her tight patting her back gently. She sobbed uncontrollably. I was touched as tears almost rolled out of my eyes; I gently pushed her away from me, brought out my handkerchief and wiped her tears away.

I stared at her eyes and she stared at me her face looked so pathetic.

“Hey what was all that about? What’s the matter, did you see a ghost?” I said still looking at her eyes.

“I’m sorry Charles; it’s just that whenever I remember what I go through in that marriage I just loose it”

“Then tell me, what is it that you go through?”

She took a deep breath and then exhaled still sobbing a little.

“I know a lot of people think Mike is a Good man, I know the contrary. The man is a beast! He threats me like trash. Molests me…”

“Wait wait wait” I cut her mid-sentence. “How is that possible, I mean you guys seemed happy together?”

“We were just putting on a show Charles” she started moving towards a close building, that’s when I realized we were in open space. She located a sit out and sat down; I walked towards her and sat beside her.

“Charles I don’t know why I feel comfortable telling you this” she paused and took my hand in hers. “Mike abuses me, you might think he is cool that we went out together but I will be receiving it when I get back home” she said with sad eyes.

“Why not report to the authorities? Or better still leave him.” I said.

“I can’t leave Charles even if I wanted to! He is dangerous. Do you think he will let me go?” she said and tucked her hair in her ear.

“Well you can run away to oblivion.” I said

“I have nothing, no family where can I possibly run to?”

I scratched my forehead then patted her shoulders. “We should probably get back to the car, we will talk about this there.” I paused “Moreover I don’t want any paparazzi around” I joked and she smiled.

I stood up and offered her a hand; she grabbed it and stood up close to me. That moment ignited a fire in me to kiss her. I looked away then led the way which she followed, hopeful that we will find our way back to my car because we had ran too far.



Luckily we reached the spot where I left my car but something was missing, my CAR!


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