Episode 2

The security man saw Alex and he quickly opened the gate, and Alex drove into his father’s mansion, he couldn’t help but wondered yet again.

“What does my father wants to discuss with me so suddenly?” He wondered as he parked his Lamborghini in his father’s garage. The sight of beautiful and classic vehicles would make anyone smile and appreciate wealth.

Alex came down from his car and headed straight into the mansion. Alex was only 18 years old when he moved out from his parent’s house. First he had travelled abroad to study and when he returned he decided to live alone. As he entered the house, Alex saw his mother coming towards him, with the sweet smile on her face. “Mom” Alex called out and his mother hugged him so tightly. The woman patted her son’s back like he was a little boy.

“Alex dear I miss you alot, how are you my son” Alex’s mother said at once

“Mom, I’m doing great, I miss you a whole lot too” Alex responded as they disengaged from the warm embrace and then suddenly the woman looked at Alex with a sad expression on her face and said

“your father told me you were not feeling well, how are you feeling now my son?…. Oh you look so thin, have you been eating well?”

“Mom, don’t worry I’m fine, I feel better now, I also eat very well, you know I have a cook but the truth is I missed eating meals that are prepared by you” Alex entered and his mother smiled.

“My dear, I have prepared your favorite meal, let’s go in” Alex’s mother added

The mother and son walked in to the sitting room and down to the dinning room. Alex was done with the delicious meal when he remembered the reason for his visit.

“Where is Dad?” He threw in.

“He is in his study room with your grand pa” Alex’s mother responded

On hearing that his grand pa was around, Alex raced to the study room.

Alex went to his father’s study room and was elated to see his grand pa. He greeted his grand pa and father with utmost respect and his grand father blessed him.

Alex’s Father signaled him to sit down.

“Infact Alex my boy, your grand father was the one who had sent for you” Alex’s father threw in. Alex sat down with full concentration, Alex was waiting for his father or grand father to speak but they were both silent as they were both watching Alex sternly.

“My Child, you will be 27 years old by next month…. Your father married late and I don’t want you to get married late too, you are my only grand son just as your father is my only son, I want you to change this pattern, it will not be bad if I get to see my great grand children before I join my ancestors, I’m an old man, I am almost 90 years old and your dad is 59 years old, I was 31 years old, when I had your father, your father was 32 when he had you too, my dear boy, I want you to get married on time, you are the heir to Ogbolu dynasty, we are great men, I want you to get married before you clock 30, let me see my great grand children before I join my ancestors” Alex’s grand father finally said

“What? Grand pa, But I’m still young, what do I know about marriage and besides there’s no good woman apart from my mom and sister, the girls I have meet are only interested in my money”Alex entered at once.

“My son listen, we have already found a wife for you, she is a good girl, trust me” Alex’s father threw in.

“What? Who is this girl? And why do you think that I would want to marry her?”Alex asked angrily

“Son sit down let me explain” Alex’s father said calmly. Alex didn’t want to listen to anything his father wanted to say but when his grand father spoke he finally stayed calm and then Alex’s father continued.

“My son, I have watched this girl for more than five years and I can tell you that she’s a good girl, the reason why I want you to marry this girl is because it would make me feel better, please trust me my son, I have really thought about it, this union would make me feel better, for five years now I have lost my peace but I assure you that when you get married to this girl, I will feel better” Alex’s father threw in

Alex didn’t understand exactly where his father was driving at with the “feel better” talk but Alex didn’t bother to ask, he had felt that his father was only blackmailing him emotionally.

“Dad, i’m not ready for marriage, I’m not, don’t force me into doing what I don’t want, it’s not right” Alex concluded and then his father entered “then you would have to resign as the CEO of Ogbolu Industries”

Alex couldn’t believe his ears, “What?, Dad has it come to that? You just threatened me”Alex entered.

“My son it’s not a threat, I want to feel better, when you marry this girl, I would have peace, if not, making her the CEO of our company for 10 years would make me feel better” Alex’s father added. Alex was surprised that he begged his grand father to say something but the old man was in support of what his son had said.

“In our days, we don’t disobey our parents, I don’t know why this generation is stubborn, arrogant and domineering, I don’t want an outsider to be the CEO of the company I established, please my son, listen to your father, trust me he has a good reason” Alex’s grand father entered and Alex walked away with out saying a word.He didn’t spend the night at his parent’s house like he had planned, he went back to home.

All his mother’s effort to stop him from leaving failed. Alex drove off furiously.

On the other hand, The female rider also had gotten to her destination but her thoughts was on Alex and the ugly incident that gave her a big fright. She was a female dispatch rider, and that was the work she does for a living. Just like Alex she was a hardworker, she have always worked hard to fend for herself and her only sister.

The young female rider had lost her parents five years back in a car accident and no wonder she got scared when that ugly incident happened with Alex. Her late parent’s were returning from a wedding party when a vehicle from no where came and hit their car, they died on their way to the hospital. She was only 20 years old when her parents died, she had to take up the responsibility of taking care of her younger sister who was just 13 years at the time. Their relative had only planned the funeral and afterwards they left them with empty promises that was never fulfilled.

For these few years, she had worked as a cleaner, waitress and now she is 25 years old she became a dispatch rider and her little sister was 18 years old and in her final year in secondary School. Apart from her job as a dispatch rider, The young lady was also a fashion designer. She dreams of owning a big fashion company one-day.

She had arrived to her destination, she made her way into a public compound, and then she knocked on the door and a beautiful teenage girl came to the door and said “Sister Angela you are back, how was your day? You don’t look cheerful today, what’s wrong?”



“An arrogant idiot almost killed me today” the female rider whose name happened to be Angela said as she narrated everything that happened to her little sister.


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