Episode 4

Angela turned around so quickly, she was shocked when she turned and saw Alex, she recognized him at once, Alex saw the shock on her face and smiled

“I don’t know what is wrong with me, where is this smile coming from, I shouldn’t look happy but furious, this girl insulted me so much yesterday” Alex thought.

He moved closer to her, Alex couldn’t help but smiled at the shock expression on Angela’s face. She tried wiping her tears with her left hand, Her eyes were red due to the tears, Angela was freaking out, she wondered what Alex was doing there, why he came closer to her, It was so obvious that Alex’s sudden appearance made her uncomfortable but not speechless,

“Rich Monkey, What are you doing here?” Angela said at once.

Alex chuckled and said

“and why are you crying, iron lady?”

He asked with an amused look

They both had a nickname for themselves and thats very funny.

“None of your business, you better leave” Angela entered at once.

“By the way, my name is Alex and I wanted to take my revenge on you today but I see the universe, have done that on my behalf, It feels so good to see you in tears” Alex replied in smiles

Angela couldn’t believe her ears.

“I can’t believe you just said that to me, you are happy that I’m in pain, what did I ever do to you? I don’t even know you, So you are happy that I’m crying?, for your information, I just lost my job and it’s not funny, how will I take care of my younger sister, who depends solely on me, I am all she got ever since we lost our parents, I knew you were arrogant and now I know you are wicked, just get out from here, I don’t want to know you, get out” Angela said in tears and instantly Alex felt bad.

“I’m so sorry” Alex said immediately in a serious tone. But Angela was furious that no apology could calm her down

“I don’t need your fake apology, I see that you are so full of your self, get out of here” Angela entered furiously.

“Come on calm down, why are you always burning with anger, see I can get you a better job, infact I’m a CEO of a billion naira company, I can fix you up somewhere, please calm down” Alex responded calmly but Angela wasn’t interested.

“I don’t need your help, you are arrogant and wicked, your wealth doesn’t move me, I’m not a lazy girl, just leave me alone, go away” Angela thundered.

Alex was forced to leave, he got in to his car and droved off.

“Because he has a Lamborghini and a Gwagon, he feels he could intimidate me, I don’t care if his father owns Central Bank, I don’t need his help, he is too arrogant and wicked” Angela thought in tears.

Few minutes later she stood up and headed home. When she got home, Chief Bello was surprised when he saw her, she had only been gone for few hours.

“My daughter, you are back home already?” The man asked but Angela came up with a lie

“I’m not feeling well, I just decided to return home and rest” Angela lied and the man smiled.

On the other hand, Alex had gotten to the company and he was angry with himself but he couldn’t understand why he was directing his anger to himself.

“I should be angry with that silly girl not myself, I did nothing wrong, this girl insulted me so much yesterday and she continued from where she stopped today, I shouldn’t have followed her, I don’t understand why I’m drawn to her, she is a stranger, I don’t understand what is happening anymore” Alex thought.

He came out of his car and headed in to the company’s building when he sighted his sister, Princess, walking towards his direction

“Hey bro” Alex’s sister said immediately and he smiled

“Hello Princess, Ada Daddy, I came to the house yesterday, I meet your absence” Alex revealed calmly and immediately his Sister noticed that he was not happy.

“Big bro, I was organizing my upcoming fashion show, mom told me that you and Dad had some disagreement, that’s why I’m here, I know that’s why you don’t look cheerful” Princess entered and Alex was silent, he didn’t know how to tell his Sister about the stranger who seemed to dislike him so much.

“Big bro, I will advise you to met the girl that Dad wants you to get married to, you might even strike a deal with her, please don’t ever think of quitting, you have done so much for this company, without you, I don’t know what would have been the fate of Ogbolu Industries, you are so good at what you do, ever since I started taking your advise, my little company, Princess Fashion world, has grown so much ” Princess said and Alex smiled, he seemed to like his sister’s advise.

“Yes, I can’t believe that I have never thought of this, yes I can make a deal with her, we can fake an engagement, Lil Sis you are too smart, I love you”Alex said as he hugged his sister and they smiled in each other’s arms.

That same day after work, Alex told his father that he was ready to meet the girl he wants him to marry.

“I hope she is worth it” Alex entered and his father smiled happily.

“She is perfect, trust me” The old man said and he promised to introduce the girl to his son as soon as possible.

“She is beautiful, smart and hardworking” The old man added. Shared on whatsapp by Martino

“Is she your best friend’s daughter, I mean Chief Okocha’s daughter that lives abroad?Alex threw in

“No, she is not” the man entered

“Then who is she?, Dad, please Tell me her name” Alex requested

“Her name is Chidinma” Alex’s father replied

“Chidinma? she doesn’t have a… I mean English name”Alex asked at once

“She does but I prefer the native name, when you meet her you can find out about her English name” The old man added with a smile

“And who is her father?” Alex asked

“You will know soon enough” The old man responded still in smiles.

The next day, Angela was everywhere in search of a job and then she stumbled upon a flier that reads PRINCESS FASHION WORLD presents ROYAL FASHION SHOW”, she was so interested that she had to pick up the flier and read it slowly.

“Oh it’s a fashion competition, the best designer wins a car and a deal…. Oh my God and Five million naira as well” Angela read in smiles, she decided to enter the competition but when she remembered that she had not used her sewing machine for a while, she became afraid

“there’s a lot of talented designers around, what if I lose?, I don’t have time to waste, I need to go and look for a good paying job not some dumb competition” She thought but she reluctantly threw the flier into her hand bag.

That evening, When she got home and knocked on the door, her little Sister came to the door as usual, when the door was opened, Angela said with a serious tone

“Esther my sister, I have something important to ask you, please be sincere, you are not a child anymore and you know I am out of job and I don’t have time to play around because we need money to survive….I came across this flier, it’s a fashion show, I want to enter but I’m scared, what do you think?”

Angela handed the flier to her sister and she read quietly and then suddenly, Esther raised her head from the paper.

“Sis, really? You don’t need to ask me, you are so good, all the people that you had made clothes for, were thrilled, enter please, you will win, I think this is the time for you to shine, please enter don’t hesitate, you will win” Esther entered and Angela smiled.

That night she registered for the competition online without knowing that the organiser was “Rich monkey’s Sister”

Few days later, she got a call that she was among the shortlisted candidates.

“You need to give this your best, you are going to make three kinds of outfit, any outfit at all but be creative, you need to come down to our office, located at Lekki phase two to use the Machines and materials that is available for this competition, the full details of this show would be sent to your email, thank you and have a great day” The caller had said

“Thank you so much, so when should I come over to your company?”Angela asked nervously

“Tommorow by 9 am, please be punctual as other candidates would be coming as well” the caller said and finally ended the call.

After the phone call, Angela became so excited, her sister had assured her that she was going to win but she was a bit scared.

That same day, Angela and his sister were watching an interesting movie when they heard a knock at their door.

Angela went to the door and was surprised to see a man at the door.

Before Angela would utter a word the landlord walked in to the scene.



Who is this man?


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