Episode 11

As she continued commanding me to s–k her

bosoms I couldn’t stop but obey like a dog, but

that natural teasing spirit in me couldn’t allow

me obey her command fully and I saw myself

teasing her till further slaps landed on my


She commanded me to

s–k her butt hole after

she spread her legs on all fours. I s—-d till I

was tongue lashing her till I was able to taste

her poo. She kept moaning till she finally came.

At that moment my laddle was heavy, hungry

for some t—-t that will release it’s heaviness

but I never got it.

She collected my laddle in her soft palm again

and resumed rubbing it and finally got a

condom and pulled it over the turgid tool and

finally she looked into my eyes and warned


“Don’t Pour until I say so”

I just nodded like a goat. I mean how was I

going to do that? Who asks a man not to

cummmm till he is aske to?

She finally dropped on me and started riding

me till She was moving in fast frenzy. I must

swear I have to force myself to look away from

her bouncing melons. They were just shaking

and juggling with so much wildness that was

making me to want to release but thanks to the

earlier Cummming it helps alot in restraining a

fast heavenly feeling.

I was still forcing mysef to look away when she

suddenly grabbed my hands and placed it on

her boobies probably to stable the twin or to

reduce the flapping noise they were producing.

I dont know why but that I fear is now in my


I knew if my hands continue to press these

cushionous fellows for long with my S#xual

state of mind I was gonna soon so I started

thinking of irriytaing things. Things like a dirty

smelly smelling female armpit and that alone

made the rush to start crawling.

When I felt her tightening on my ladle I knew

she was about to cummm and that definitely

will inspire my own cummmmmmings so I tried

harder to think of more irritating things and

soon her moanings became uncontrollable and

her thrustings erratic and finally she collapsed

on me and miraculously or magically my ladle

was still turging hard I have not experienced my

own heavenly feelings

She finally rollled off me and I was staring at

her till she finally ooeybed her eyes. My ladle

was still strong like steel needing a hard release

and here she was! so I begged her to allow me

bleep her so that I can save my pooor ladle the

slight hardoning pains. She just laughed at me

congratulated me for not cumminnnnng and

asked me to go use the soap in the bathroom

I finally decided to use the soap after I saw she

was not ready to burge to my request. I was in

the bathroom rubbing my ladle and frisking my

balls when I heard the bathroom door suddenly



open and bisiola came in, this time she came and apologize for her bad behavior and the way she treated me.i was dumbfounded nd could not think straight. then we heard a knock on her door


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