Episode 3

I knew she waa realky out to tease me so I

reclined as my hands kept scratching me to

press those raw plump flesh, she took her

hands back and within seconds her bare Bosom

were staring me in full blaze, I made to rush it

again but I saw the look in her eyes and lay

back again looking away and looking back so

faat like I will die if I look away for long. She

went on her fours and craled to me till her

Bosom were dripping fully over my mouth and I

started s—–g as I attacked her right Tip

which were like thw size of bullets. Her areolas,

peach black and cobtrasts sharply with the

ebony skinned Bosom. I kept s—–g like a

child qho have been denied his food for a long

time, as I s—-d her other Bosom kept

dangling over my eyes, unconsciously my

hands grabbed it but she beat them away and

U continued feasting on her Tips, swirling my

tongue around the bosoms at intervals as I use

my salivary lubricant. She pulled her Bosom

away from my mouth as they made slurping

sounds, quickly she fed me with the other boob

to quench my taste as I continued s—–g like

a fool. She kept moaning in a subdued manner

all this while.

As she pulled it away from my mouth she

swayed both heavy masses all over my face as

I strugled for breath, she then pressed both

heavily on my face denying any access of air

as I couldn’t breath, she seem to notice my

struggle and stood up. She looked at me and

laughed as my eyes are full of terror. She stood

up, dragging her massive firm Bosom with her,

they kept making violent movement she made

and I noticed my lash pole which have shrinked

in the process of the struggle have started to

nod gently again.

With so much swiftness, she pulled down her

trousers and her panties at the same time. The

panties were a match with her bra. Her lash pot

was visibily wet and I could otice her c–t

peeping feon it’s hood.

Her pubes haira are

rewally trimmed and shapy, she .ust be a

meticulous trimmer. Her clothes formed a little

heap on the floor as she climbed back the



chair and stradled me..twaz then I heard my name from afar Wizz come and take your food oo I woke up to see my bed rough my lion has vomited i was sweating profusely . i ran to the bathroom took my bath the thing no gree go down. i checked the Time it was past 8 in the evening. jeez na dream which kind whaala be diz.


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