Episode 18

As shes going in my front shes swaying her ynash left right left right waw am sure shes not on pant i just stear as her nyash as shes moving in my front i dont know when we get to the door she have enter the room and am still at the door looking @ nothing and lost in thought a tap jolt me away from my thinking.

Strange girl: hey wat are u looking @ in particular

Me: erm nothing

Strange girl: nothing well nah u sabi sha

This is where u will stay for tonight so tomorrow you will be givin your room

Me: okay thanks
Erm ur name pls
She first look at me from head to toe i feel so embrace

Strange girl: what did u want to do with my name

Me: huh, it a normal thing nah y will someone see one godess like you without knowing her namE

She started blushing chai my mouth ehn he no go kill me

Strange girl: what ur name first

Me: mudashiru buh my friend call me LC buh dont worry abt d full meaning of that lc

Starnge girl: okay mine is cynthia

Me: waw nice name for a damsel like you

Strange girl: (blushing) pls dont kill me with laughter jare am going 2 my room sleep well OK

Me: you tou



I just sat on my bed as she left my room and started unpacking my load i sat on the bed and started thing how am going to cope with this too sexy angel in my front may god help me ooo

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