Episode 6

Winifred’s POV

After Amarachi left, I had a deep thinking about everything and I wouldn’t lie that I had not felt aroused why she had been narrating her experience to me. I know I needed to get la!d and I needed it so bad but where will I get my own partner? Patricia had her driver and Amarachi had her cook. I had no one. I was the only one living in this big apartment.

Well, my wishes came true, three weeks later when a Corp member moved into the flat next to mine. The flat actually belonged to a family who had travelled out of the country and being related to them, he had been given the key to inhabit the house until their return.
This Corp member was sturdy, handsome and had a quiet demeanor. We never had the chance to speak and I only saw him each time he came to hang and dry his laundry on the line or whenever he going out or coming in. I would sit in my balcony, reading an harlequin novel and he would just utter a “Good afternoon” and pass by before I could strike a conversation. Sometimes, he would come out shirtless to sit in front of his door while he tapped away on his smart phone.



One night, I woke up to desperate cries of: “Steve, hit it! Scatter it! Tear it! Destroy it! Massacre it! Oohhhh… Harder, deeper, I’m dying! Daddy, faster!!!!” Issuing from his apartment. I was confused at first but when I noticed that they were actually sounds of desperate sexual cries, I got up and went to place my ear against the wall dividing our apartments.



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