Episode 4

What is it honey?,why are you screaming like that?, Felicia said as she entered through the door. You are mad for that,Alex replied looking angrily at Felicia.Alex what happened,I don’t understand, Felicia said as she looked suprised.Who do you think you are?,in fact why am I arguing with you,who is this?,Alex replied as she shows her photos on his phone.Aaaaah, I can explain,Felicia said as she starts kneeling. What do you have to explain?, You!!!,you cheated on me and you know I love you very much and you did THIS!!, Alex replied as he shook his head.

Alex!!, please forgive me, please!!,I only did it for me and you I didn’t know this woild happen, Felicia said still on her knees. Felicia,Before I open my eyes and close it,pack your bags and leave my house, the divorce papers would be sent to you soon,Alex said as she drank his wine uncomfortably. Alex please, Felicia replied begging.Lasisi!!, Alex said.

Where will I go to now,ah Tina will surely regret what she has done,ah Tina you will regret it, Felicia said as she drags her bag shamlessly. Aaah, their house is already hot,ye!!,I will get Alex today nobi Tomorrow, Tina said smiling devilishly.


Babyyyy, Tina said as she caressed Alex’s chest softly.Yes honey,Alex replied looking at Tina. You know I love you,I wanted to know when we are getting ma…ma… married..,Tina said as she looked a bit concerned. What’s the meaning of that, don’t you know that idiot hasn’t signed the divorce papers and later if she hears that I am married to you,she might come and start claiming my property,Alex replied.



Stupid man, I set your wife up and you don’t even realise and you still accepted me into your life like that and now that I she is not here she is causing more problems for me, I will make sure she is out of my way forever, Tina said to herself. Babe!!,Alex said when he noticed her. Yes?!!,sorry I was just thinking about my friend’s foolish act, let’s forget about it, kiss me na, Tina replied as they started kissing.


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