Episode 2

“Where are you coming to?” I said as he was almost gripping me.

I took my bag, heading straight to the door, but the door was locked.

At first I was pleading with him to give me the key. Infact, I told him I was going to come back fully prepared so that he can have his way.

But all these fell on deaf ears.

Within a twinkling of an eye, he suddenly gripped me with his manly hands. I tried all I could to set myself free from his grip. I spat on him, I bit him infact, my hands punched him… But his own power overshadowed mine.

Just one punch from him, my strength went down.


All I could do was to scream, though I had little strength to bit him, blow him, but as he kept on punching me, my strength decreased.

“Oh Lord, if you can just deliver me today, I will never try this mistake again” I cried out.

“Babe, no one will deliver you from my hands. I am going to taste you till I’m satisfied ” Bayo said.

See what looking for job has caused me.

I was groaning deeply within me. Praying to God who I offended to just come to my aid.

Yes, I have sinned against God. As a devoted Christian, I know how God speaks to me. When I told Him about going to Bayo’s house, He was against it.

I thought God wasn’t fair with me. I thought He really wanted to make me jobless. I never knew He was warning me just for my good.

Lord, I’m sorry, just rescue me today.

During this period, Bayo has torn my blouse and still wrestling with my skirt.

You can imagine how fearful I was. Fear gripped my heart.

“Lord, just help me”. I began to scream at the top of my voice. He used my blouse to cover my mouth.

By this time, we were both wrestling on the floor.

As he was about to rape me, we heard a knock from the door.

I never knew my noise could draw the attention of people because, the place was as silent as a graveyard.

“You, I will make sure I taste you at all cost.” Bayo said.

“Yehhhhhh!!! please don’t rape me. I beg you!!!” I was screaming because he wanted to ignore the knocks on the door and have his way.

The door flew open.

Gbammmm!! It was the landlord. He has spare keys to each apartment which I never knew. Infact, I didn’t know he was around. Remember I said the environment was as silent as a graveyard.

The landlord came inside. Bayo was half naked, remember he tore my blouse.

“Ahhhhh!” the sigh of relief.

“Haaaa, baba thank you” . I said as I tried dusting myself and assessing my clothes.

“Bayo, you are fond of sleeping with ladies in this house to the extent that you rape ladies who are not ready to cooperate with you.

If you know you cannot control your sexual urges, get married. I can’t keep on harbouring a rapist in this compound. For what you tried doing to this lady, I am going to take it up.”Landlord said.

Well, I was still recovering from my shock. So, this Bayo is someone like this.

“Omo mi (my daughter) , go and stay outside first” Landlord said, referring to me.

“I should go and stay outside or what did you say?” I asked him.

Yes, go and stay outside.

“Alright sir” . I replied

I went out with the intention of running away from the vicinity as far as my weak legs could carry me.

“Madam, you are putting on underwear. Can I give you one of my shirts?” a lady in one of the apartments said.

Well! I guess she is the landlord’s daughter.

“Yes yes, please Thank you!” I said in haste.

“Alright I will get it for you” she said.

She ran inside and got me a shirt.

Though the shirt was oversized but I gladly accepted it and started running.

On getting home, my sister examined me critically.

“Nike, whose shirt is this?

This was not the clothe you wore this afternoon.” my sister asked.

I was muted. I told her to excuse me.

I ran inside my room, closed the door and began to roll on the floor.

“Hahhhh!!”, so this is how I would have be disvirgined just because I want a job.

So this Bayo is such a callous man.

See life.

So he has been admiring me years back.

Useless man! I said to no one in particular.

My phone began to ring. Checking the caller’s name, I saw Darasimi.

“Woww, Darasimi, I’ve got a lot of gist for you” I told her.

I was skeptical telling her about my ordeals, but I decided to let her know since she was my best friend.

I told her everything that happened, but her response threw me off balance.

“Darasimi what do you mean???” I asked her.



Hmmm, what did she tell me.


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