Episode 9


I was happy about the new development. Wilson coming to help our daughter made things less strenuous and a bit better.

Even though years might had gone by Wilson was still the man I loved. Things were complicated in our lives, making them not go well for us. I couldn’t help but let my tears out at the thoughts of the tiny memories that came crawling back. “Happy birthday, Fiz darling,” his voice echoed like it rang right there, prompting more tears to flow.


Turning at the voice, I couldn’t help with the racing emotions.

“Mom,” Arabel moved to my side. “Mom, what’s wrong?”

I hadn’t noticed her. Quickly wiping my tears off though it was late, I smiled faintly at her and caressed her hair. Having to think she’d be giving birth to her baby without a man by her side made me feel even worse.

I wanted the best for her. Always. And I was going to make sure that the best was all she and my grandbaby had.


I was scared seeing mom cry like something had happened.

I was worried that I was the cause. Wanting her to talk, I asked if it was because of me but got a ‘no’ instead, getting a hand rub.

Feeling pleased and letting out a sigh, I walked to the refrigerator, getting out a milk bottle, finding my way back to them, as mom made to help me with a plate.

“Hungry for some cereals, huh?”

“You bet!” I laughed softly, getting the bottle open, as I poured its content out.

“Mrs Hawk—” Sylvia’s voice rolled in as I made the bottle stand. “Um, um, sorry am I…?”

“No, you’re not.” Mom replied in her gentle voice.

Dad’s face told that of her surprise. Sylvia had gotten used to calling mom by his family name, and mom, too, had also kept the name for reasons I do not know.

“Hi Sylvia,” It felt awkward greeting her now we weren’t as close as before.

I worried more about my belly, taking the cereal pack by the corner, as I got to having lunch, having Sylvia keep me company while my parents left to talk.

“So… motherhood looks good on you…”

“Y-yes,” I said, mouthful. Why are you here? I threw her that look, not voicing my thoughts. “Mm, so hungry…”

“Has he come?”


“Your baby’s father?”

I retorted. “Just call him Stanley!”

She said with hands apart. “Alright!”

I went back to eating.

Ever since Stanley had told me the truth I’d hated him and wanted nothing to do with him.

Hearing Sylvia call him my baby’s father made me angrier; I wished my ears were made not to hear and my chest heaved at the thought as I lost appetite, not wanting to eat again. “Here.”


“Yeah, drink it.” I got up from the chair and walked to the living room.

Wondering where mom and dad were, I sat on the sofa facing the television, as I got ahold of the remote.

Turning on the big screen, I got my legs placed one side as I made to focus, grinning at the thought of only me being in the living room, as the sound of the front door being opened alerted me, making me turn. “Mom?”

“Arry, someone’s here—” she didn’t complete before she let the door swing open to reveal the last person I wanted to see.

This girl’s funny.


“What are you doing here?” I frowned, getting to my feet. “Have you come to mock me?”

Dad came in. “Just listen to him, Arabel.”

I huffed. “So what do you want to say?”

He replied, “Your parents and I already talked,”

I frowned again. “Are you kidding me? Who said that you could talk to them?”

He came closer. “Arabel, I really want to make amends…”

“Make amends? I thought you wanted nothing to do with me?”

He went on his knees and made to clasp my hand.

“Don’t!” I stopped him before he could.

Gritting, wondering what he wanted to do next, I arched my brow at him, moving backwards again, as I watched him reach for his breast pocket and pulled out a ring. “I’ve been saving this for the right one, Arabella,” he called my name in full. The first he did.

“What are you doing?” I looked at him, then at my parents. “Mom. Dad?”

“Baby, just hear him out,” they pleaded.

“Well, I can’t!” I yelled at the top of my voice, enraged. “Just what do you take me for?” I looked at Stanley again. “Some girl you can get pregnant and go proposing out of sheer pity?” I clenched my teeth at the thought.

“Arabel, to be frank,” he started. “I never meant to hurt you…”

“Well, you did!” I gritted again. “Does your fiancée know you’ve been…”

“Yes.” he stopped before I could say further.

“But this is wrong,”

“It’s not wrong, Arabel…”

“And why isn’t it?”

“Cause I love you!”

My brows shot up. “What? Oh, now you do?”

“Arabel, I’ve always had. I’ve loved you from the start. From the very beginning. You’d think it’s because of this baby that you’re carrying but it isn’t. You’re the one woman I can never do without, and spending the rest of my life with that one woman, would be the greatest thing ever… and the one thing that’d gladden my heart.”

I was lost for words, gaping at him. I couldn’t think of anything to say—could hear mom’s voice urging me to say ‘yes’.

“Say yes, Ar,” Sylvia’s voice clashed with mom’s.

“Say yes,” my mind urged me, too.

“Okay-okay. I’ll say.”

They all laughed as Stanley dragged his knees along. “Arabella,” he called. “Will you marry me?”

Everyone watched in awe as I couldn’t help but blush. “Yes—” I stopped and clicked my tongue. “Though it’s a pretty awkward way to propose,” my words made everyone laugh. “I’ll marry you.” I gave a soft laugh as I moved closer a bit to have him slip the ring without stress.

Getting married to the man I’d come to despise, was one I never imagined and thought would come true.



Though I was pleased my baby was going to have a father, part of me wished it didn’t happen so fast.


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