Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 12

Alex was the new guy in my life, he’s such a


He just finished his NYSC, he was living in

Ketu, he’s older than me but he looks younger

than his age.

Alex lives alone in one room in

Ketu, actually he was squatting with his elder

brother but his brother had relocated so he took over the room from him.

Alex was a nice guy, we

chat almost everyday, I liked him a lot cos he’s

cute and me I love cute guys, and I’ve heard

calabar guys are so good on bed too.

Alex is light in complexion, he’s of average height he

stammers a little bit but still manageable.

He calls me everyday and every night, you know all

those things we do now, when you meet a new


He was disturbing me he wanted to come

meet me but the timing was kinda bad cos my

younger ones were on holiday so I don’t know

how I’m gonna smuggle him and me I can’t go to Ketu from my place, I don’t know anywhere in

Ketu and where do I even want to tell my parent

that I’m going? They won’t even allow such, so it

took time before we met.

Like you all know

during the third term break in schools, students

do go for summer coaching, so my parent enrolled them in a summer school.

During this

same period I was going through hell at home

cos I failed my jamb exam again, my father even

said he was never going to buy me any jamb

form ever cos I’m such a disgrace, my mum was

even planning on sending me to her sister’s place to go learn hairdresser since book no enter

my head.

I finally invited Alex over, I told him to come as

early as 10 am cos my siblings will be back

around 1pm.

But the stupid calabar boy came

around 12pm, haaa! I was scared when I saw

him, I was happy at the same time but I wasn’t


I was so happy to see him, we began talking, he speaks good English.

I wanted

sex that day but I was scared those evil siblings

of mine will soon arrive.

As we were talking I was

looking at the wall clock, checking the time, I

was scared, I can’t tell to leave now neither can I

allow my siblings to meet him here.

He noticed I wasn’t comfortable, he asked me what’s wrong, I

told him nothing was wrong.

He moved closer to

me and asked for a kiss, I accepted, he began to

kiss me really hard and all this was around 1pm


I enjoyed the kissing but fear of being

caught, he told me to sit on his laps, which i did, we continued kissing, I enjoyed it,he was giving

me real deep kissing, deep kissing.

He’s such a

good kisser, he began to squeeze my boobs, we were doing all these on a couch in the sitting


He was really squeezing my boobs, he loosened his belt, unzip his trouser, he brought

his d–k, chai! He’s got a long curvy d–k, he held my hand and put it on his d–k, I began massage it.

Alex: should we go to your room? I was kinda shy, I looked at the time, it was

15mins pass 1pm, I told him we should go my


We got to my room, we began kissing

while standing, pulling off our clothes,

smooching, kissing, it was becoming so


Me: Do you have condom?

Alex: Yes I brought it.. He picked his trouser on the floor and removed

the pack of condom from the pocket.


continued kissing, smooching, on the bed

already, the next thing i heard was “Aunty

Charity come and open the door”, chai, this is



bad luck. then a knock on the door..

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