Episode 19

What are you people doing there, in one seconds, everything happening so fast, yemi was off me, nicely dressed and seated calmly some meters far away from me. I turned to look at the person calling, it was a student coming over with his babe. I just hissed and gave him a stern look, he hailed me and moved away. Yemi and I looked at ourselves and we burst into laughter. We paused and continued again until I told her its late that she need to start going.

She told me she had a surprise for me as she led me towards the hostel and stopped beside a nice Honda accord, she opened the door and told me to get in. She said she was driving me out of the school but I insisted that have got a lot to read.

She asked for a secluded place she could park and I directed her towards the SUG BUILDING we stopped under the mango tree at the coca cola canteen and then we began another round of S£x.

To cut then long story short, she left the school compound around 11pm after dropping some provisions and #2000 for me. Got to the hostel and all my guys had left for night class, so I packed my book and head straight to LT1. I tried so hard to read that night,the spirit was willing but the flesh was weak. I slept all through the night and the next morning. Thank god my paper was in the afternoon.

My sexcapades with yemi continued till second semester, while I still had some moments with Fernando flatscreeno. I met a new babe called Kemi, we had few paroles which may not be spoken of in this story. Glimpses of what happened between us might be featured in future stories, although my next storyline is purely fiction.

The last has not been heard of Acme and Ty, nor Kzee and halima, Abbeys escapades are still upcoming , mummy David made a terrible name for her self one fateful day and our landlord finally made his presence felt in the lodge. Bro Ahmed snatched one of our babes and Aisa gave Kzee a pregnancy scare.

Well, Acme and Ty finally became close and yes they did it, [email protected] hard.

I realised from Acme that if you truly loves someone you won’t be comfortable sharing your sexcapades with anyone. Acme never gave us details of the S£x but he always bore us with stories of dissaggrement whenever it arises. Need to say Ty remain a thorn in his flesh all through the relationship. For about 2 years then relationship lasted they fought for a year and six month.

Whenever they were in good terms, they seem like the perfect couple.

One of the most memorable night in the lodge was during Acme’s birthday. He was on his usual fight with Ty so KB came around. We all had fun till the evening before we decided to give the couple a little space, so we all left to watch a champions league match. After the match, we returned home to meetbAcme and KB stark n.aked we tried waking Acme but he was half dead. Kzee put on his tourch and KB p—y was up for review, it was hairy and dark, kinda flexible and wide, maybe that was an effect of the marathon banging that just happened. After the review, we covered her with a blanket but left Acme the way he was created.

After we all have eaten we tried waking Acme again but it was to no avail. So we carried him outside, (it was late so no one was around apart from us) got a bucket of water and poured it on him, he sprang up, looked at himself, looked at us and after like a minute he ran straight inside the room, it just dawned on him that KB was also Unclad. He was angry that we had to pour him water and we all said maybe he had forgotten that today is his birthday and that was a ritual only that he helped us give it a better taste Lol.

We all smiled and told him he would need to eat cause we are sure he was hungry, he collected the hard burger (bread and akara) and devoured it while we continued teasing him.

Mama Davids game was top notch, she do have about four or five guys patronizing her daily but never for once had her network jammed. On this fateful day, not only did her network jammed, Davids father also came around. She was already inside with a client when this her pot bellied regular customer packed his pathfinder at our entrance. As codede guys, we decided to keep the mans company abi na industry, we didn’t even let him drop from the car before we got close to him and told him is babe is not home, he decided to wait for her while dialling her number, the number rang but there was no response.

We continue chatting with the man cause he was fond of us and he usually bring us gifts and money whenever he shows, while Kzee went to inform is aristo babe what was happening outside. Fortunately or unfortunately David came down stairs from our landlords place and saw the man and ran to greet him. The man carried him up and asked him where is mum went and the poor boy said she wqws inside with another daddy. Gbagaun kasala don’t burst.

Immediately we heard what David said we all moved out of sight, the man got to the door and demanded that the door should be opening, but seriously, I don’t know what the man was thinking maybe he taught he was the only one s——g the hole. Mama David refuse to open the door and to everyone’s amazement this chief as he is called broke the door open, went straight to the other man and punched his face.

As if heaven was planing a national disgrace for her, Davids father walked in at that exact moment. Here she was with only a wrapper over her body, with two men struggling it out in her room and then the father if her son walks in, devil is a perfect project manager. If u can just try and imagined what happened when the other two men saw davids father, then you must have been in such a situation before Lol.

Kzee eventually caught syphillis abi na gonoreah from one of is numerous girlfriends. To make matter worse, Aisha the morning forker told him she was pregnant, at first he taught it was a joke but with the passage of time he realised that he was in deep poo, Aisha was reluctant to terminate the baby and due to the fact that she barely eat in our place there was no way Kzee could drug her and get the job done. It was seriously double wahala for dead body.

After so much persuading and pleading from all of us, aisha finally agreed to removing the foetus, but Kzee syphillis remained for over three weeks.

We took him to the clinic to have HIV test and trust the doctors at general hospital they sure gave him a scare with their counseling and lectures but eventually he was clean.

Aisha demanded that Kzee must promise her he won’t jilt her as one if the conditions for the termination, my guy instantly agreed and even swear on his grandfather’s grave, but as u all know na ,, all na wash, he didn’t have to jilt her he just withdrew his attention and at the end she was the one who jilted him.

Baba landlord eventually had an affair with one of his son’s girlfriend, as much as we tried to pocknose we couldn’t get more details cause the family buried the whole story, but rumours abound that he got the lady pregnant and even gave her two rooms to control and trust shameless girls she port from father to son like saka did etisalat and emptyhen.

Remember Jane? Abbeys babe well, she was abbeys babe till we discovered that bros Ahmed our neighbour was drawing oil from her oyel pot . abbey manned up and promised a revenge.

He planned his revenge for bros Ahmed fiancée to everyone’s amazement. We all told he he shouldnt go that far that at least Jane was not his wife but his mosque destroying babe, but he refused. He met his waterloo when the babe sets him up.

After blocking the babe, she agreed to go out with him not knowing that she was playing the whole tape for her man, the babe invited abbey over to her house with the excuse that she can’t see him in the house her man is leaving.

So abbey ventured into no mans land. He was entertained and when the show was about to begin, the lady made him pull all his clothes till he was left with his boxers only and then called her man to come in, all this while, he’s been listening to them from the other room. Abbey was well beaten, intact thoroughly beaten. Worst of it was he couldn’t give us the gist at home it was Broz Ahmed who gave us the details of the maximum shishi he received.

Kzee younger sister came to stay with us cause she was trying to get admission and was advised to try IJMB. Her name was kaffy, she was a sweet young girl. After the second semester exams Kzee traveled to ibadan to meet on of his babes and Abbey was in school area with some friends, we were just three left in the room, myself, Tj and kaffy. Kaffy usually complain to me that Tj do come under a wrapper at night but I told her tj wasn’t like that, this guy you are talking about is an Alfa and you are even too small for him.

So i taught ooooo, until one night kaffy pinched me on the bed as we had both planned and I saw mr tj sneaking and trying to open this young girl wrapper. She slapped his hand and told me that shebi I have seen who I was defending.

I felt so embarrassed and short of words.

I reported the case to Kzee and advised he should get a place for her cause that was the second attempt to raoe the young girl.

The first attempt was by Abbey, he got home early one raining day all soaked and met kaffy inside with all windows close, he also closed the door under the pretence that he was cold and then try to over power the young girl. Thank God Kzee was coming around during that time it was her scream he heard from afar and ran to the door to meet it locked.
He knocked and when abbey heard his voice he had no choice than to let the poor girl be, she ran out of the room with a turn skirt and bra.

After our second semester exams, the landlord gave us quit notice, saying we were too much in one room, he gave his condition that only Acme and one other person could stay in the room. We all decided to keep our loads there till we return and get a new place.
Unfortunately for Abbey he was expelled for not getting good grades, the rest of continued and I and Kzee lived together for the later part of our years in school. Tj had to return home cause his IJMB result wasn’t good enough to get admission into the uni, Ismail was also expelled in his finally year due to his unseriousness, Halima finally gained admission into kwara poly with the help of Kzee helping her with her waec, she did come to Lagos for the exam and was lodged in kzee’s house, trust Kzee now, he gave her maximum prickhood.





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