Episode 14

I tried to struggle as i was being handcuffed but my efforts only earned me two more slaps from one of the policemen. Tessy screamed with pain, attacking her Ex husband, by grabbing his shirt, but unfortunately the man was expecting such attack and so quickly drew back and slapped her without mercy. She fell backwards under the force of the slap which left her totally stunned for some seconds.

“you abandoned my kids for how many days now, just to mess around with this gigolo. This rat. D–n what kind of a woman are you??. You got no shame. Thank God the cops with me saw things with their own eyes. I can’t let my kids continue living with you. I’m taking them away today and i don’t care whether it will affect their studies or not” he screamed at her, before facing me once again.

“how much of my money has she given you?” he asked me seriously, grabbing me by the collar. I simply shook with fright, unable to say anything. The man’s composure and charisma was quite intimidating. I was so, so terrified.

“which money?, don’t even try go there?. In fact i’m going to sue you for every penny and damages you have cost me and i will make sure i get a restraining order to keep you away from me. This is just too much. How long will you continue frustrating my life?” Tessy quickly shouted at him with all her strength. The gentleman simply scoffed, gave her a quick look and nodded to the officers to take me away but Tessy quickly dived and held me with youthful vigour.

“my love i’m going to get you out. I promise. Don’t be scared” she said to me with tears.

“you got to be kidding me” her ex husband exclaimed with disbelief, drew close and dragged her away from me.
“i don’t want to get to Abuja before you” he threatened and flung her backwards.
The officers quickly dragged me out of the compound and threw me at the back seat of a black Hilux, while Tessy’s Ex-husband jumped into a blue SUV which quickly headed out of town with the Hilux following behind. I was so f—–g scared. I began crying without even realising it.

Only God knew that i did nothing with Tessy the previous night and that things were not exactly as they looked. I thought of my mother, my sisters and Adaora. I prayed for the current situation not to come out public. Of course nobody would believe that i spent the night with Tessy without having sex with her.



But first thing first,
“Where am i being taken to??”, i asked myself as the convoy headed out of the capital city of Owerri.

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