Episode 36

I was still struggling with my feelings when i heard someone call my name from behind. I turned to see Adaora’s mother waving at me from the compound. I hesitated for a moment before walking towards her..
Sincerely speaking, I wasn’t expecting to see her at the house, and i just can’t describe how i felt that moment. She was a very proud no nonsense lady who i had always politely avoided all through my young life, even though she was a good friend of my mum.

Though Just like my mother, she fully supported my relationship with her daughter but with the current situation of things, i knew i had every reason to hide my face from her.
“so why are you here?” she asked as soon as i got close to her. I shrugged and breathed deeply.

“i came to see Adaora” i murmured truthfully. She scoffed with disbelief, studying me seriously.

“You know i’m very disappointed in you. I used to admire your gentle and reserved behaviour but i never knew you were a green snake. Nothing would have delighted me more than seeing my daughter get married to you and be a full member of your family. But unfortunately you don’t deserve her. I can’t continue watching my daughter slip away because of your conducts. Stay away from her. Don’t ruin her life for me. I won’t warn you again. You know what i’m capable of doing” she warned and hissed seriously with great rage while I did the most unimaginable thing by kneeling before her, Swelling her ego with my unprecedented action.

“mummy, i know i don’t deserve your daughter. I know i have wronged her so many times. I also don’t know what she told you, but the last thing i will want is to be on your bad side. I have always been afraid of you right from my childhood. Please it’s with great courage that i’m kneeling before you. I know Adaora must have told you a lot. I’m really not as bad as people think. Just that i have been making lots of bad decisions lately. However i believe marrying your daughter will turn around my life for good. I’m no saint and i’m no devil. Please don’t kick me out the way Adaora just did. You are also my mother. You can’t kick away your child can you?” i begged desperately. The woman stared down at me with great surprise.
Just like i expected, my action totally touched her.

“fine, let’s go inside and talk. You are a man. Men don’t kneel anyhow” she muttered with a softer voice, helping me up. I slowly picked up myself and followed the proud lady politician to the sitting room.
Yea I was bad in so many things, but my tongue, my charisma, my innocent face had a way of turning peoples mind. I had used the trick so many times and it worked.
I earnestly hoped to get the woman on my side even though i knew it would be a very difficult deed. But unlike Adaora she was yet to develop immunity over my magical powers…

“Adaora told me everything, plus the phone call she got from your mum. So tell me about that woman, Tessy right?. I’m very much interested in knowing more about her. Perhaps the only way you can get me on your side is to tell me everything about the lady who is destroying my daughter’s happiness. I heard she’s a society lady?. Who knows, she could be an associate. Maybe i can also get to have a word with her” she asked as i settled down on a couch, next to where she sat.



Unfortunately her demands kind of threw me off balance, making me shiver with shock. She smiled on seeing my reaction.
“you are free to say nothing and walk away. As you go, also kiss goodbye to my family and daughter, but if you wish to open up in order to get my forgiveness, you have to tell me nothing but the whole truth”. She demanded seriously, putting me in a very tight position.
Of course i knew she definitely would try to track down Tessy if i dare to open my mouth and i equally felt that Adaora cleverly hid Tessy’s details from her to prevent any uncalled situation. If not she wouldn’t have asked me to open my can of worms and reveal Tessy’s Identity…
Keeping quiet was deadly and opening my mouth was deadlier…..
what do i do?

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